Reno F1 Shake-Up

Thanks to a rare low-flying penalty in Saturday's heat race by perpetual Formula One gold front runner Steve Senegal, what was becoming an interesting duel between Vito Wyprachtiger and Elliott Seguin is turning into a front row race for the overall F1 win.

Senegal and his mount Endeavor have been looking their usual speedy selves all weekend, with Wyprachtiger and Seguin closely contesting second, along with Thom Richard in Hot Stuff just behind. In Saturday's heat race Seguin was gaining on Wyprachtiger, until the Swiss gave his Ly-Con built O-200 Continental a little more ignition timing on the last two laps to hold Seguin in Wasabi at bay.

Now it looks like Senegal must start in eighth place, putting Wyprachtiger on the pole, Seguin alongside and Richards on the outside of the three-man front row. Furthermore, the two airplanes making up the second row are known fast starters, so it could be a crowded five-ways gaggle heading into the first pylon. And then Senegal will be charging up from the rear as the race unfolds. It’s going to be an interesting F1 finale today.

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is a professional magazine writer and nurtures an ongoing affair with all things internal combustion. His writing is most often found in automotive magazines, but aviation is his first love. Working as a line boy, he learned to fly while in high school, but still hasn't mastered the art of keeping a paper chart in an open cockpit.

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