End of Year Sale for Full-Lotus Floats

Aircraft Floats Manufacturing (AFM) has just announced a 20% discount on its two most popular Full-Lotus float sizes until the end of the year. Float sizes affected are the FL1260 and FL1450 straight floats, ideal for Ultralight and Light-Sport aircraft to a gross weight of 1,450 pounds.

Full-Lotus floats on Snow
Full-Lotus floats are all-season floats commonly used on water but also on snow, slush, ice and even wet grass. Shallow waters and rocky shore lines are not an issue for the rugged, flat-bottomed inflatable Full-Lotus floats.

Full Lotus floats have been available to light plane owners for over 20 years with hundreds of sets shipped and operated around the world on all kinds of different aircraft. Besides the discounted models, AFM offers three additional float sizes as well as amphibious models.

For more details, including prices, visit www.full-lotus.com or call AFM at 705-526-4537.


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2 Replies to “End of Year Sale for Full-Lotus Floats”

  1. I have an old set of the 1260 full lotus floats on my ultralight. Probably worth getting a new set as the old ones are +20 years old. I land with these floats almost anywhere. Super safe.

  2. In the process of finishing the assembly of my Zenith STOL CH750. I will be installing the 1450 or maybe the 1650 Flull-Lotus floats. Nice Christmas 20% off promotion that I will be taking advantage of. Thanks.

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