Kitplanes Photo Contest Winner

Aircraft-Spruce_gift_cardIt was a close one, but "Gray beauty" edged out the RV-4 Stingray panel and "Black beauty" by a hair.

The winner is Hans Bissig from Switzerland with this photo of the panel from HB-YNJ, Lancair Legacy 2000 RG, and for sending in the winning photo, Hans will receive a $25 gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce. Congratulations, Hans!


Gray beauty
Winner: Gray beauty

photo contest winner


RV-4 Stingray panel
Second place: RV-4 Stingray panel


Black beauty
Third place: Black beauty


Shiny veneer
Fourth place: Shiny veneer

KITPLANES Web editor Omar Filipovic, based in Portland, Oregon, is a GlaStar builder—old school, that is, he’s taking his time and doing everything himself.

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