Aeromarine-LSA introduces Pegasus DP-1 O-100 Engine


Pete Plumb of Pegasus Power will exhibit his new "half O-200" engine kit, the Pegasus DP-1 O-100, in the Aeromarine-LSA booth at Paradise City during Sun 'n Fun. The air-cooled, direct-drive, four-stroke DP-1 weighs 106 pounds and produces 60 horsepower. It uses many off-the-shelf O-200 parts.

Chip Erwin of Aeromarine-LSA noted that he plans to power his single-place Merlin personal sport aircraft using this engine. "It seems like the Pegasus O-100 might be an excellent choice for the Merlin," he said.

You can see both the Merlin PSA and the Pegasus O-100 at the Aeromarine booth #52 in Paradise City. Plumb will run the engine daily on the Paradise City flight line. Check in at the booth for times. For more information, visit or


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  1. Franklin tried this approach some years ago. Their 2 cylinder was supplied as O.E. to Aeronca for their new low line Champ. It was not successful due to vibration problems inherent to the basic
    design. Most , if not all, of the 2 cylinder installations were replaced by the 4 cylinder Franklin,
    and eventually some Continentals. Franklin eventually licensed the design to PZL, who also tried the U.S. market, via The Canbar Corp in Winter Haven,FL. Sold as the "PZL-Franklin 2A-120" for $3,840 fully dressed, in 1981. It was shown at Oshkosh in that year.

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