Airbrushed Cooling Plenum - Because, Why Not?


Here's a pretty bit of carbon fiber, a cooling plenum for the new Commuter Craft side-by-side canard. The air intakes are located in the high pressure area under the root of each wing. Rather than fool around with updraft cooling, nicely shaped ducts feed the top of the plenum on each side of the Titan IO-340. The cylinder baffles are conventional aluminum wraps.

The system seems to work very well. Company test pilot Ethen Chaffin reports 380°F cylinder head temperatures while maintaining 120 knots and an 800 fpm rate of climb, turning the three-blade Catto at 2450 rpm.

Yes, it's all carbon. The "rivets" and panel lines are airbrushed.

Dan Horton

Dan Horton says he is "just a homebuilder." He has been a pilot more than 30 years and currently flies a custom RV-8.

3 Replies to “Airbrushed Cooling Plenum - Because, Why Not?”

  1. Who produces? Plans for I0-540- up draft cooling via air pit intakes on Veloicty XL?RG or is it al "free hand construction??

  2. Very Cool....would love to see more of the craftsmanship that was required to build that. Hats off to the artist in painting as well.

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