NavWorx Teams with Garmin for Affordable ADS-B Solutions


NavWorx, Inc. has entered a licensing agreement with Garmin enabling connectivity to the company's GNS and GTN line of navigators. Under the agreement, NavWorx' ADS600-B will interface with existing certified position sources providing the required WAAS GPS to meet the FAA’s mandate for ADS-B equipage.

For aircraft operators with Garmin GNS and GTN navigators, the installation of NavWorx’ ADS600-B requires only a wiring connection to the aircraft. The ADS600-B is a remote-mounted Universal Access Transceiver (UAT), providing 2020 compliant ADS-B Out (transmit) and ADS-B In (receive). The ADS600-B utilizes the navigator’s existing WAAS GPS and antenna, offering a significant cost savings. Less equipment to purchase and lower installation costs all contribute to the savings. The ADS600-B is priced from $1,999.00.

The ADS600-B works with all GNS and GTN display systems except GNS 430 and 530 models without the “W” designation. These models do not carry an approved GPS position source, although they are upgradeable and Garmin continues to support the platform.

While much has been written about meeting the FAA’s 2020 mandate, aircraft owners remain confused about the availability of solutions that minimize the cost of installation. NavWorx can assist with finding a 2020-compliant ADS-B solution for any aircraft. The company offers UAT receivers/transceivers, Wi-Fi connectivity, transponder connectivity, plus TSO and Experimental solutions. Call 1-888-628-9679 or visit for more information.


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