Rans Aircraft Announces Titan O-340 Availability for Raven S-20


Shelly Miller of Rans aircraft told me today that the Titan O-340 engine will be available for the Raven S-20. It will be very exciting to see the performance increase on an already stellar performing aircraft such as the S-20.

If you haven't seen the fit and finish of the Rans products you should stop by in Paradise City at SNF and visit them.




Vic Syracuse

Vic Syracuse is a Commercial Pilot and CFII with ASMEL/ASES ratings, an A&P, DAR, and EAA Technical Advisor and Flight Counselor. Passionately involved in aviation for over 39 years, he has built 10 award-winning aircraft and has logged over 8000 hours in 70 different kinds of aircraft. Vic had a career in technology as a senior-level executive and volunteers as a Young Eagle pilot and Angel Flight pilot. He also has his own sport aviation business called Base Leg Aviation.

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