Rotax 915iS is Coming

Rotax 915 iS

Rotax introduced its souped up 915iS, a 135 hp turbocharged, intercooled four stroke, fuel injected engine last summer at EAA AirVenture. Yesterday at Sun 'n Fun 2016 Rotax Business Manager Marc Becker provided a window into the development schedule for the engine.

"Things are coming along quickly," said Becker. The engine had its first flight March 12, and already has 50 trouble-free flight hours on it. As of right now, Becker count 40 airframe manufacturers that are waiting to get their hands on their first copies of the 915iS, which they will (for ground testing only) this summer, he says.

"We expect to parallel certify this engine both to ASTM and FAA engine certification standards, and we believe that certification will come early in 2017," said Becker. Rotax should be shipping 915iS engines by the second half of 2017, if all goes well.


Contributing Editor Amy Laboda is a freelance writer and editor of Aviation for Women magazine. She's an ATP-rated pilot and instrument and multi-engine Flight Instructor with a passion for teaching and flying in light aircraft. Her steady rides these days are a 18-year old Kitfox IV and a fresh Van's RV-10.

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  1. The Rotax used to be a compact package - now with all these proturbances sticking out at odd angles, it may suit a dynamometer more than an airframe. A fast clean airframe is one without lumps and bumps in the cowling - impossible with what I see in these pics of the Rotax Medussa.... I had similar issues installing a Wilksch diesel in a LongEz, and it requires much alteration of the "as tested on the Dyno" package.

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