The Unbearable Lightness of Propulsion

Air Conception Nitro 200

Surely there's a fun single-seater which could put this Air Conception Nitro 200 to good use. How about 28 HP in a 25 lb package, complete with carb, ignition, redrive and muffled exhaust?  

That's Aviator Enterprises owner Eric Farewell lifting the entire package with one finger.


Dan Horton

Dan Horton says he is "just a homebuilder." He has been a pilot more than 30 years and currently flies a custom RV-8.

4 Replies to “The Unbearable Lightness of Propulsion”

  1. Dear Mr.Horton,
    I would like to build with members of the dutch hobby-aircraft building society a replica of the Santos Dumont Demoiselle.
    Is this motor a good choice and where to buy for how much?
    When used but in good working condition:ok for us.
    Do you know someone who has built already the same aircraft?
    Then I would like to come into contact with him/her or them.
    Thanks in advance for your reply!
    Friendly greetings from Holland.
    Henk Kleve,Amsterdam

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