Belite Electronics' Radiant Instruments and Fuel Probes Now Shipping


RADIANT Single or Dual Tank Fuel Gauge
RADIANT Single or Dual Tank Fuel Gauge

RADIANT Instruments are on their way. The newest introduction to the Belite Electronic line features a brilliant daylight readable LCD display that combines many functions in a small, lightweight unit, perfect for experimental and ultralight aircraft.

Radiant instruments

The RADIANT Single or Dual Tank Fuel Gauge from Belite shows current contents of one or two tanks and the system voltage. Optional Fuel Flow. Works with: float probes, capacitive probes, also Belite fuel probes. Shows fuel consumption trend from two tanks over the last 30 minutes.

Unlike many competing products, this new capacitance fuel probe supports multiple bending, allowing it to fit into any shape of tank. Even with many bends, it is designed not to short out and fail. It also features easy calibration via push buttons. It is available in any length from 6” to 40”.

RADIANT Capacitance fuel probe
RADIANT Capacitance fuel probe

The RADIANT G Meter allows pilots to track G rate trend while doing a turn or aerobatic maneuver and it shows G trend history.

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