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Junior reporter John Gaines and the RV-6
Junior reporter John Gaines and the RV-6

This airplane is really cool! It's an RV 6 with a huge 6 cylinder engine and a sweet paint job. I'm told the owner races this plane at Reno. I bet it is really fast.

Tomorrow,  I am going to the main flightline to see all the show planes. Tomorrow is also the first afternoon airshow of the week. Many people have told me about a “Wall of Fire” and I can hardly wait to see what it looks like.   

About John Gaines Watts:

John is 14 years old, and this is his first trip to Oshkosh. He hopes to become a pilot eventually, like his grandfather, a former USAF fighter pilot.

Dan Horton

Dan Horton says he is "just a homebuilder." He has been a pilot more than 30 years and currently flies a custom RV-8.

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