Commuter Craft Innovator Aircraft Goes Alpha in 2016

Commuter Craft Innovator Alpha

Commuter Craft has successfully completed pre-production flight tests of Innovator ShipOne and is starting production with six "AlphaShips" this fall. These first production aircraft will be customer built in the Commuter Craft Facility under the Experimental aircraft category. This will be followed by construction of eight "BetaShip" aircraft, leading to full general production in 2017. Commuter Craft began taking position reservations in April of this year, and will continue to offer its pre-production special until September 2016.

The Innovator is a next-generation two-place aircraft designed to provide best-in-class performance and safety features not found in other general aviation aircraft. Featuring a three-surface blend wing and lifting-body airframe, the Innovator top speed is over 200 miles per hour, with a 180 h.p. engine and fixed landing gear.  The unique configuration is inherently stall and spin resistant, while providing excellent low speed handling.  The 60-inch wide cabin and variable geometry seats provide comfort for pilots from 5 feet 0 to 6 feet 9 inches tall, with ample room for baggage.  Fully loaded, the Innovator has a range of 800 nautical miles.

To make aviation more affordable and accessible, Commuter Craft designed the Innovator airframe to E/AB category requirements. The aircraft kits will be customer built in two to three weeks in the company’s 82,000 square foot facility, utilizing factory tooling.  The Factory Builder Program saves time and money, eliminating the cost of expensive tools or dedicated build space. The build process is primarily assembly and bonding, with very little fabrication. A dedicated technician is provided for each builder to insure quality and proper technique.  Upon completion of the airframe, factory options are available for engine, propeller, instruments, interior, and paint packages to finish the Innovator aircraft in as little as three months total, compared to the average kit built time of seven years.

Commuter Craft was formed in 2006 and is based in Cartersville, Georgia. Call 770-722-2514 for more information or visit Email is


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  1. Dear sir, I fly a Tecnam in Australia, with RAA Licence within LSA Rules being 600kg. MTOW. I read the article with interest on your aeroplane. Could you reply with the general specifications, Performance, & price with a basic panel. Thank you regards Jon.

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