New Turbine Venom Hits the Skies


The latest version of the Turbine Legend - the Venom has made its first fight in Florida, and the company is promising to complete its flight test program in the near future. The aircraft has been re-engined with the GE H75 turboprop rated at 750 horsepower, and the avionics have been modernized with a full Garmin G3X EFIS panel.

Watch Kitplanes for additional news and an upcoming flight review!

Turbine Venom performance specifications being tested include 325 kt or better expected cruise speed and a 5,500 fpm rate of climb at full weight.

The Venom has a new wing design with increased fuel capacity to 140 gallons for a range of over 3 hours with IFR reserves. It also uses an advanced electronic starting system supplied by Hi-Tek Manufacturing. The GE H75 turboprop engine has no hot section inspection requirement and has a 3,600-hour TBO.

Turbine Venom kits are approved as FAA Experimental builds and are available on a custom order basis. Approved builder assist centers are available in the US and Canada. No type ratings are required to fly the turbine powered Venom and flight demos to prospective qualified clients are to begin in January.

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6 Replies to “New Turbine Venom Hits the Skies”

  1. I don't think the GE H75 exists any more does it? Now it's the H80. Let's see here, $189K for the basic kit, $410K for the GE engine outright, and add at a minimum 20% for "stuff". That's right around $ that price go buy a real airplane that has been through a real development cycle with REAL systems and real structural a Tucano with a Garrett. The Garrett AND the airplane will pull well over 3.8 G's which (if I understand GE correctly) is still the limit on the H80. I bet they're not lining up outside of Turbine Air Corporation with downpayments for kits...are they Bob?

  2. Actually Peggy we have sold 7 finished aircraft as of now
    and for your informed info a Tucano is around ten Million dollars
    and you cant buy one
    Every tme I fly the VENOM I am certain that it is REAL
    Thanks for the kind support

  3. "and you cant buy one"

    Hey Bob,
    Don't say things that are not true. Right now a beautiful Tucano sits 245 miles from my doorstep and is for sale at $899K. If I had I'd buy it.
    But now you "gotst" bigger problems. No airworthy airplane, no H80, and a nose gear system that needs a little beefing up.
    For those of you who do not yet know, and I assure you....Bob won't tell ya. Have a look
    By the by Bob... I support the H series, the Legend, and the Venom strongly. It's the gold chain, ratty hair, Hollywood sunglasses and consummate PR BS that looses me.

  4. How much is the GE H75???, no info out there on them, the walter they are replacing had great pricing. This aircraft looks fun as hell, hard to put a price on that

  5. So why not a dash 10 Garret Legend? Fasted turbine out there I believe and very reliable. Friend of mine owns one. Ultimate cool although a bit on the edge of experimental.

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