Dynon SkyView Software Version 15.0 Released

Extended Runways on Map
Extended Runways on Map

Dynon's latest SkyView software update - version 15.0 - is now available for download for all SkyView systems.

SkyView Software Version 15 contains a variety of new features to enhance the SkyView flying experience, including:

  • Extended Runways Centerlines
  • Highway in the Sky (HITS)
  • Airport Signposts in Synthetic Vision
  • Maintenance Logging
  • Weight and Balance Calculator
  • ADS-B Traffic and Weather from SkyView’s SV-ADSB-470 is now transmitted via Wi-Fi for use by 3rd party apps (FlyQ, Foreflight, etc)
  • Airspace proximity notification. This includes airspace you are in, upcoming airspace along your flight path, and those that are above and below you.
  • Activating “Direct-To” with a runway selected under airport runway info will create a 5nm leg to the chosen runway along the extended centerline.
  • VNAV from SkyView’s flight plan to your destination airport, arriving either above the airport or right at the runway itself.
  • EGT/CHT widget now available in “vertical” orientation.

Read more about additional features and improvements.

SkyView Software v15’s new features are available as a free upgrade for all customers.

Highway in the Sky (HITS) & Airport Signposts in Synthetic Vision
Highway in the Sky (HITS) & Airport Signposts in Synthetic Vision


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