Cool Tools from Perennial Exhibitors

Kathy and Randy Hadsall have been providing demonstrations of their ClampTite clamp making tool at Sun n Fun for 8 years straight - and in the same booth location! Aircraft homebuilders appreciate the need to make secure, reliable clamps with stainless steel wire as an alternative to factory made clamps.

The seemingly continuous daily demonstrations of custom clamp making at their booth always draws a big crowd. Tool vendors like this provide another great resource to airplane builders and mechanics alike as they peruse the air show.

Kathy Hadsall at the ClampTite booth.


Jon Croke

As the founder of, Jon Croke has produced instructional videos for Experimental aircraft builders for over 10 years. He has built (and helped others build) over a dozen kit aircraft of all makes and models. Jon is a private pilot and currently owns and flies a Zenith Cruzer.

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