It's the Simple Things...

The Jabiru and Zenith gaggles meet up at KMGR on Saturday.

On Saturday, my family and I made the great annual migration to Lakeland. We are exhibitors, making a living in the experimental & LSA industries. Two of us winged our way south over brown wooded hills, tender green spring foliage, sparkling lakes and smoky haze of wildfires for about 5 hours of idyllic VFR bliss in a pair of Light-Sport aircraft. We randomly met up with our friends from Zenith Aircraft at our fuel stop in south Georgia, chatted on the radio, and generally had fun. The other two spent 14 grueling hours with the truck and trailer crawling through the remains of Atlanta's highway system and trudging through herds of idiotic spring-breakers in their minivans desperate for a few days at the beach. Aviation sure is marvelous, isn't it?

New bathroom bliss comes to Sun 'n Fun.

On Sunday, before pushing the airplanes into their final positions in the booth and pounded the tiedown stakes into the crispy and strangely hard SNF turf, I reluctantly set off to find an unlocked plastic box for other necessary business and found this. Hallelujah!!

Gone are the wretched portable potty trailers; they've been swapped out for a permanent brick-and-mortar (er... steel building) bathroom facility on the north side of the Trade-A-Plane hangar. I don't think I have ever been so happy to find a few air conditioned stalls with a gleaming row of new sinks. When you work the shows, simple things like this make all the difference. Thanks, SnF!


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  1. I always made it a point to not drink when I attended SNF just so I did not have to deal with those plastic boxes. This might be a boon to the concession sales once people know that they can find a nice clean air conditioned bathroom when nature calls.

  2. I recall how the "plastic boxes " were among the first things to go airborne when the tornado hit sun & fun a few years back

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