New EAA DVD Saves You Time and Money on Aircraft Preventive Maintenance

A new how-to video from the Experimental Aircraft Association gives certificated aircraft owners a better understanding of preventive maintenance and ways to save money by personally completing some of the tasks.

Aircraft Ownership: Understanding Owner Preventive Maintenance is a multi-part video series combined on one DVD. It shows certificated aircraft owners how to legally maintain an aircraft in accordance with FAA preventive maintenance regulations.

“There are many tasks that a certificated aircraft owner can do that are completely legal under FAA regulations and will save money,” said Charlie Becker, EAA’s director of chapters, communities and homebuilt community manager. “This DVD will help those aircraft owners plan maintenance and have confidence in what they can do themselves and when to go to the next level.”

More than four hours of video are organized in easy-to-follow categories, so a viewer can find exactly what is needed. Included are extensive discussions of the legal and technical requirements, plus dozens of hands-on demonstrations with step-by-step guidance on basic preventive maintenance projects.

The demonstrations include such areas as:

  • Landing gear and tires
  • Safety wire and cotter pin replacement
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Safety belts and seat parts
  • Landing and position lights
  • Spark plugs and batteries
  • Fuel and oil screens and filters

The video segments are hosted by Dick and Bob Koehler, EAA SportAir Workshop instructors, who each hold Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic certificates with Inspection Authorization (IA) privileges. Their vast knowledge and teaching skill provide the knowledge and techniques needed to perform basic preventive maintenance procedures.

The DVD is available at for $36.95, with special discounts for EAA members.


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  1. Even though this DVD is aimed at the certificated fleet, many E/AB aircraft are owned by non-builders, so this video should help owners who are not familiar with their planes. The legal parts may not apply to E/AB, but the technical demonstrations will.

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