Jim Agua's RV12

N696VA is an RV12 built as an EAB. The plane took four and a half years and I logged 1900 hours in the build log. I've only flown it a couple of hours now but I just love this little plane. It's quick and nimble and performs very well.

I painted the plane prior to final assembly because I knew that once I had it flying I wouldn't be able to part with it and I didn't want to take it apart again. (I still take it apart quite a bit.)

The plane flies hands off straight and level and just jumps off the runway. The SkyView is a pretty awesome piece of hardware / software and I'm learning more about it everyday.

Thanks to my wife Misa for all her support in this project.


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  1. Thanks

    Would Kitplanes publish definitions of all of the acronyms used in each article? Or, perhaps, a glossary column of all aviation acronyms somewhere in the magazine? Sure, I can look them up---but where? As "only" an occasional private pilot, there is no way I can remember all of them.

    Thanks in advance.

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