Bill Hogue's AutoGyro MTO Sport

I had been researching gyroplane technology for the past 20 years and knew that the modern gyroplane was an amazing aircraft. After scoring a ride in a MTO Sport in July of 2015, I knew I had to have one. I was fortunate that a dealer and flight training in Searcy, Arkansas was only an hour away by car.

I picked up my AutoGyro MTO Sport kit in December of 2015 and building was complete by March 2016. The airworthiness certificate was issued and the first flight was on May 23, 2016. After Phase 1 testing was complete in February of 2017, I flew my gyro home to Lonoke, Arkansas.

The MTO Sport is a well-designed, solid, safe-flying aircraft--AutoGyro makes an awesome kit. It's incredibly stable in windy conditions, and can easily handle a crosswind that would make the fixed-wing guys stay at home.

--William Hogue
Little Rock, Arkansas

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  1. Gyro is a great flying engine. ..With the coming 915 is rotax ..cruising speed should top 100mph and range over 500 km...
    Two improvements have to be urgently made: rescue parachute and quick release gas in case of problems...I fly gyro with great pleasure but lost already two friends due to those insolved improvements

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