What Is It?

We found this curious airplane in home built camping but we couldn't identify the model. Maybe a reader can? Being a Canadian-registered aircraft, there's no data plate and, so far, no prop tag.

The only hint seen is a ZA on the side of the fuselage. Can anyone enlighten us?

Louise Hose

Louise Hose is an instrument-rated, commercial pilot who regularly flies her RV-6, her husband’s RV-8, and an RV-3B and a Dream Tundra, which they built together. They live in Dayton Valley Airpark in Nevada. She also edits the monthly, free digital newsletter, The Homebuilder’s Portal by KITPLANES®.

8 Replies to “What Is It?”

  1. "KitPlanes" not recognizing it as a Zenair? Hmm...........Time to get some older writers I think.

  2. The tail is Chris Heinz trademark! She is NOT a Tri-Z, she's a CH-300 (conventional landing gear) from the mid-70's. Built way too heavy, she needs a big Lycoming to get her aloft. Unfortunately, the heavy structure provides little crash protection to the occupants, but Chris himself stated, decades ago, "I design them to be flown, not crashed."

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