What Is It?

There are two of these planes parked on the north side of the Federal Pavilion. This one flew in from England! (The second one in the background was trailered up from Florida.) Any guesses?

Louise Hose

Louise Hose is an instrument-rated, commercial pilot who regularly flies her RV-6, her husband’s RV-8, and an RV-3B and a Dream Tundra, which they built together. They live in Dayton Valley Airpark in Nevada. She also edits the monthly, free digital newsletter, The Homebuilder’s Portal by KITPLANES®.

14 Replies to “What Is It?”

  1. He stopped at my home drone , I19, Lewis A Jackson, Greene County on his way to Oshkosh. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet him but it was nice to see a Great Britain Registered Aircraft at the Airport.

  2. i would like very much to read how he accomplished his flight from England and which engine was used. Interesting that he fly the fixed gear version.

  3. I would be happy to find out how this "intrepid" pilot arrived in flight from the UK to Oskosh. Routing???
    if his contact are available I am eager to contact him, as I would like to arrive next year from Italy to OSH

  4. Silence Twister. I have followed its evolution for a long time. A remarkable aircraft in true British Tradition. A Spitfire for the people.

  5. Fantastic kit, great build and incredible flight. The link to the aircraft (http://silence-aircraft.de/en/aircraft/) gives the detail) This is a fixed gear (good option) with a ULPower 260iSa engine. His build is really worth looking at (silencetwisterbuild.blogspot.) The you just need to order a kit and have fun building one. Super machine from every perspective.

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