Advanced Aero Components Acquires Glasair II and III Assets

Nigel Mott of Glasair Aviation USA and Ian Baker of Advanced Aero Components.

Glasair Aviation USA, LLC. and Advanced Aero Components "AAC" announced the sale of product line assets for the Glasair II and III models.

According to Ian Baker, AAC CEO, the company plans to rejuvenate the product line - new kits will be available in an infused carbon fiber version creating a much lighter, stronger airframe while reducing build times. In addition, existing AAC modifications will be incorporated into the aircraft.

The Glasair II and III will be rebranded as the G2 and G3 sport aircraft under the AAC banner and AAC will provide customer support for existing Glasair II and III builders. Plans also include a web store for available Glasair parts.

Advanced Aero Components CEO Ian Baker announced that the customer support to more than 2,000 existing builders and owners will continue into the future for all existing Glasair II and III aircraft. The continued support will be stronger than ever with the soon to be introduced web store for all available Glasair parts.

The company is continuing its development of the Firebird 500. Advanced Aero Components is based in Chino, California.

KITPLANES Web editor Omar Filipovic, based in Portland, Oregon, is a GlaStar builder—old school, that is, he’s taking his time and doing everything himself.

7 Replies to “Advanced Aero Components Acquires Glasair II and III Assets”

  1. Congrats to Advanced Aero Components, that's excellent news! Looking forward to seeing the G3 updated with a few modern tweaks. Also very curious about the Firebird 500.

  2. So what happens to the Glasair 1 and Glasair 1RG owners for support? It is terrible when the manufacturers stop supporting their products and customers are left out to fend for themselves.
    Angel Gonzalez
    Aerospace Engineer and Owner Glasair-1RG

  3. Advanced Aero's Ian Baker said they would support the Glasair I model as best they can because the tooling to manufacture parts for the G1 is no longer available, however, many parts from the G2 can be used on the G1 interchangeably.

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