Kitplanes Flies Cubcrafters EX-3

Cubcrafters, the Yakima-based creator of the Carbon Cub and a variety of experimental Cub kits, has recently introduced their beefy -3 model--available as the FX-3 (factory assisted build) or the EX-3 (homebuilt kit).

Featuring an airframe several hundred pounds lighter than a traditional Super Cub, but with 180 or 186 HP and a constant speed prop, this is the high-performance airplane in their line-up, and its Experimental! The EX/FX-3 has an increased gross weight of 2000 lb, which coupled to the low empty weight makes for a tremendous useful load.

We got a chance to fly the factory prototype this week in the mountains west of Yakima, and were impressed with the performance, both as a respectable cruise machine and one intended for getting in and out of tight places. It has excellent handling qualities and is an easy airplane to fly on grass, pavement - or whatever you might find. We checked the airplane out with Cubcrafters president Randy Lervold in the back seat, and after a few landings and some stalls, he turned us loose to have some fun--a testament to the faith they have in the docility of the craft.

Kitplanes Editor in Chief Paul Dye logged several hours in the plane which features - among many things - a new cabin heat system which was quite welcome while flying over Washington's Goat Rocks Wilderness in sub-freezing temperatures. His appreciation goes out to the guys in the camera ship, who had to put up with the same temperatures with their door and window open.

Look for a full review of the new EX/FX - 3 in an upcoming issue of Kitplanes Magazine.

CubCrafters FX-3
CubCrafters FX-3 flown by Paul Dye over Washington's Goat Rocks Wilderness. Photos: Chris Cram - Courtesy Cubcrafters


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