Curtis Oil Quick-Drain Valve

Curtis Superior Valve Co. announced that they have received FAA PMA approval for the CCB-38000 low profile, aluminum oil quick drain valve - a very clever device, as the "tool" is hollow and you put a hose on it to drain the oil. This drain valve fits most Lycoming engines.

When installed, the valve extends slightly more than the drain plug installed by Lycoming. The valve was designed specifically for retractable gear aircraft and twin engine aircraft with close fit cowling; however, it will fit any Lycoming engine where there might be interference from structure, exhaust, hoses, wiring or where weight is a concern.

The CCB-38000 valve comes with a separate activating tool (CCA-38001) that can be kept in the aircraft or mechanics tool box, and can be ordered separately if lost. Customers may purchase the CCB-38000 from Curtis' worldwide distributor network. See for a distributor listing.

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