Sling Shows off the Zaleski Sling 2 and Announces Sling 4 with Rotax 915 Engine

Zaleski Sling 2. Image courtesy of Sling/Mariano Rosales.

If you're headed to Sun N' Fun, visit Sling at booths N-082 & N-089 in front of Hangar A. We have a beautiful example of a customer-built Sling 2 by Bob and Joan Zaleski as well as a factory-built Sling LSA in the booth and they will be conducting demo flights out of Paradise City. And when the weather breaks, you'll get to see a custom-built Sling 4 Turbo that will knock your socks off!

The crew from Midwest SkySports came down from Michigan and the team from AeroSports in Illinois made the trip. So drop by and say hello!

The rumors are true. There will be a Sling 4 with a Rotax 915!

While there are no pictures yet, the Factory in South Africa has begun flying an early prototype of the Sling 4 with the new 140 horsepower Rotax 915. Target performance will be greater than 140 knots cruise at altitude with better useful load than the Sling 4 Turbo with the Rotax 914. So stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed. Maybe will see this new bird at AirVenture in July?

10 Replies to “Sling Shows off the Zaleski Sling 2 and Announces Sling 4 with Rotax 915 Engine”

  1. Nice. But now you lose turbo benefits for an engine that’s overly complex. I think if I am able to get around to building, I’m probably going to spend the extra money for a UL motor.

  2. Todd Barker The 915iS is also turbocharged. I however also wish that the Sling would be available with other engines, like the ULPower. The 915 costs around $39,000!!!!!

  3. Oliver RK I don’t think the price will
    Be that high. I’m guessing 32-35. You can build it what whatever engine you want. The plane is certified so UL has yet to certify an engine at least for the US market.

  4. Todd Barker it is turbo and efi with a ecm and coolant system and gear box. Not super complex just different.

  5. Todd Barker 140 ponies and 135hp up to 15,000 feet. No one engine like it in it’s class

  6. If I ever am able to justify the Sling 4, that will definitely be the way I’m going. 115 horses just wasn’t going to cut it for me, even with it’s decent performance.

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