Anderson Van's RV-4

Darrell Anderson Van's RV-4

After on-and-off construction started in November, 1991, N144DV took to the air on July 4, 2016. (Yes, that's 25 years into a 3-year project!)

A little over a year later, with only 50 hours on the Hobbs, I flew it from Montana to Oshkosh AirVenture 2017. I was honored to be awarded a Bronze Lindy in the Kit-Built category.

Darrell Anderson Van's RV-4

Included items and features are:

  • Lycoming IO-360B1B, Sensenich prop, Christen inverted oil system, inverted fuel, Slick-Start, Plane Power 60A alternator.
  • Dynon D-180 EFIS/EMS with 2 axis autopilot, voice warnings, 4 position CHT and EGT indication...and more.
  • Garmin GPS496, Garmin transponder, Icom A-200 transceiver, David Clark stereo intercom.
  • Mods to the airframe to fit my 6'-4" body: Medium tint, 1/4"-thick canopy from Todd's, blown 2 inches taller than stock; rudder pedal geometry modified to allow more angle for leg room. I obviously do not have the "long" instrument panel.
  • Tosten stick grips, wired with a pilot priority switch.
  • Electric elevator and aileron trim tabs, with visual position indication in the EFIS and EMS.
  • Electric flaps with push-button positioner and position indication in the EMS.
  • Wing leading edge landing lights, with programmable wig-wag sequencing, and can be electrically aimed from the cockpit using the trim switch.
  • Wingtip "lockers" for storage of light, bulky items, i.e. canopy cover, tent fly, sleeping bag, etc.
  • Paint scheme designed and plotted on my home computer. Stars and N-numbers were plotted and masked using a Roland Stika vinyl cutter.
  • I prepped and painted using urethane primer/basecoat/clearcoat by Loehle.

Darrell Anderson Van's RV-4

Thanks to Van's Aircraft for the enduring design, great kit (even if it was the "slow build") and tech assistance when needed. Thanks to my wife, Vicki, for suggesting and supporting my "1:1 scale model airplane" project, and both her and my son, Dale, for riveting assistance when my arms just wouldn't reach. Also Jeanne MacPherson of Mountain Airdance, for the EMT tune-up and acro in the Super D that made my first RV flights memorable... in a good way.

--Darrell Anderson
Great Falls, Montana
RV-4 N144DV

Darrell Anderson Van's RV-4


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4 Replies to “Anderson Van's RV-4”

  1. Great job, Darrell. You taught me to rivet so I could build my RV.
    After I was flying, I patiently (?) watched you perfect every nuance on this thing until she flew. I was so pleased about your Bronze Lindy. You deserve it.

  2. WELL DONE Darrell!
    Beautiful paint scheme, looks like a very nice -4 here.
    Congrats on your perseverance (which I didn't have, sold my 1986 started -4 project 12 years (3 moves and 1 divorce later...), the search of perfection killed me).
    The RV-4 is still cutest airplane around and this one sure is a beauty!

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