Desser Tundra 31" tires

Desser Tires, the recap people, has just introduced  a 31-on how tundra tire to compete with Alaska Bushwheels. Desser says their tire and wheel is almost 10 pounds lighter that the competition.

The one drawback is that the new Desser tire needs a 10-inch wheel. The wheel and tire combination costs $4000 for two tires and two Grove wheels and brakes. Replacement tires are available for $800 each. They also have 29-inch tires, also for 10-inch wheels.

David Prizio

Dave Prizio has been plying the skies of the L.A. basin and beyond since 1973. Born into a family of builders, it was only natural that he would make his living as a contractor and spend his leisure time building airplanes. He has so far completed three—a GlaStar, a Glasair Sportsman, and a Texas Sport Cub—and is helping a friend build an RV-8. When he isn’t building something, he shares his love of aviation with others by flying Young Eagles or volunteering as an EAA Technical Counselor. He is also an A&P mechanic, Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR), and a member of the EAA Homebuilt Aircraft Council.

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  1. I just happen to have a set of 31" Alaska Bushwheels and a set of Desser 31's both mounted up in my shop currently. The bushwheel is 44.2 lbs. The Desser weighs in at 51.7... The desser is also a much stiffer tire, so off airport performance is going to be significantly less. For a heavy aircraft such as a Cessna 180 or 185, the desser would be a great tire, but for any light bush plane I don't see how it would even be listed as a competitor to the bushwheel. Just my .02 cents...

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