Gross RV-9A

My USCG-themed RV-9A was completed this weekend.

I built it using a slow build kit, although I did get a jump-start, buying 90% completed wings from Ravi Thakker, another RV-9A owner.

The plane is all Garmin, all-glass, IFR, with a Lycoming IO-320 and a 3-blade-fixed pitch Catto prop with oxygen. From delivery of the first kit, to test flight was 25 months. Final paint came 3 months later.

When I started building, I was not a pilot. Flight training paralleled the building process. I received my Private, two days before the commencement of flight training. Dave Hirshman of AOPA mentored me through the first steps of flight training.

Tail art

N1119A has flow about 70 hours, and it's already been to the beaches of Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and North Carolina, and completed cross-country trips to Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia. It cruises comfortably at 150 knots at 11,000 feet burning around 6 GPH. What's not to love?!

--Steven Gross

Steven Gross with his newly-completed RV-9A.
Steven Gross with his newly-completed RV-9A.


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3 Replies to “Gross RV-9A”

  1. Has anyone mentioned he has too many I in the tail N number? Also the Regs mention not having any other number that could confuse with the real registration. I'd remove the N on the tail and leave the rest like on the nose where he also has an extra I.

  2. I am the builder.

    Many thanks to Carlos.

    I have looked at my airplane 1000 times, and never noticed the extra 1 on the tail and nose.

    You have a keen eye.

    Thanks - new decals are on the way.

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