Aupperle Zenith CH 750 STOL

I always wanted something to do in retirement that that would be both challenging and fun. I couldn't envision myself playing golf only during the summer months so I decided to build and fly my own airplane. Looked around at all of the offerings from the kit manufacturers and finally decided on a Zenith CH 750 STOL aircraft.

With the help of my hangar partner who was building a Zenith 650 the journey began. We traveled to the factory in Mexico, Missouri, rented a truck one way and brought both kits back with us. It was seven years in the making but I finally got my airworthiness certificate in November 2018 and completed my first flight in January 2019.

Airworthiness certificate

I painted the airplane by rolling it on with marine polyurethane paint. Found the vinyl graphics on the internet and applied them myself. Decided upon a Viking 110 to power the aircraft and am very pleased with the final product.

I retired in December and now looking forward to discovering all the small airfields in Michigan with my wife who has been very supportive throughout the whole process.

--Stephen Aupperle, Howell, Michigan

Paint and vinyl





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  1. Nice job on your 750! I will start in mine in about six weeks. I am curious what kind of marine paint you used and what surface prep was done prior to painting.

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