Superior Buying Back All XP-400 and XP-382 Engines

Superior XP-400 crankshaft
Superior XP-400 crankshaft

Superior Air Parts announces it is implementing an immediate and mandatory buy-back program for all XP-382 and XP-400 experimental engines

The company is contacting each XP-382 and XP-400 series experimental engine owner to arrange to immediately buy-back their engine.

Scott Hayes, VP, Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the company is implementing an immediate and mandatory buy-back of all the Superior Air Parts XP-382 and XP-400 series experimental aircraft engines in the field.

"This is not something we want to do, but the safety of our customers is our utmost priority. Because of that we are contacting every Superior XP-382 and XP-400 engine owner to arrange to buy-back their engine," Hayes stated. "We know it is a considerable inconvenience but again, safety of flight is paramount in everything we do."

"We have already contacted a number of our owners and while it's no surprise that they are not happy with the situation, they understand that we are doing this because it is the right thing to do," he said. "In fact, the typical response has been them thanking us for keeping their safety as our top priority."

Bill Ross, A&P I/A and Superior Air Parts' VP Product Support explained that the company's decision to take all of the XP-382 and XP-400 engines out of the market comes after a lengthy evaluation and testing process.

"When we first learned of the breadth of the detonation problem, we contacted XP-400 engine owners and paid to have them ship their engines to our facility for evaluation," Ross said. "We disassembled, inspected and tested the key components in each engine."

"The good news was the majority of the engines were absolutely clean, with no signs of stress wear or damage," he said. "The bad news is of the few we found with issues, neither our engineering team or our metallurgy specialists were able to define a consistent root cause of the issues."

Ross added that even after the company took all the available steps to adjust the engine's ignition timing to reduce internal stress, the results were still unsatisfactory. So to eliminate the possibility of any future occurrences, the company is grounding all XP-382 and XP-400 engines immediately.

While the detonation problems are currently confined to the XP-400 engines, Hayes said that because the XP-382 shares so many of the same internal components, that the decision was made to include that model in the program as well.

"I want to be 100-percent clear that the grounding and buy-back mandate does not include any XP-320 or XP-360 engines," he said.

"Throughout Superior Air Parts' 50-plus year history, we have stood behind the quality and safety of our products," Hayes said. "While the financial burden of this buy-back is significant, it is not as stressful as thinking that we have failed, in any way, to do what we could to protect the safety of our customers and their passengers."

For more information, please contact:
Scott Hayes, VP Sales and Marketing: 972-215-6992
Bill Ross, VP Product Support: 214-395-9183

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4 Replies to “Superior Buying Back All XP-400 and XP-382 Engines”

  1. You guys are doing a great service by stepping up to the plate and fixing the problem.
    I have your cylinders on my Bonanza and couldn’t be happier.

  2. Ignition timing is only one part of the equation. Combustion chamber squish is the other. Big air cooled engine tolerances make it difficult to set and maintain the small clearances required, but that is the answer.....

  3. A superior response to a serious problem by a Superior company. Well done, exceeding the standard of customer support and safety.

  4. Scott,
    Although I own an XP IO-360 and am not affected, I wanted to thank Superior for doing the right thing with the XP 400 in the interest of customer safety. Amazes me the example Superior is setting in and Experimental market that others should emulate.
    I only wish that Dennis Muilenburg and a mega-company like Boeing had the same level of concern for their customers. If they did, we would not have the 346 reasons why they should have grounded the entire 737 MAX. Immediately at the first hint of MCAS issues. Holding true to the Business Ethics of a value system like Superior, instead of putting the interests of shareholders and executive bonuses ahead of safety, would have won them customer comfidence like you have!

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