Levil Introduces Astro Link ADS-B In Module

Astro Link

At Sun 'n Fun this week, Levil Avionics debuted a new ADS-B In receiver to drive various tablet-based systems with no-cost weather and traffic. In addition to the dual-band receiver, the Astro Link has a built-in WAAS GPS receiver and full AHRS module for attitude information. This allows the Astro Link to provide valuable backup attitude data to connected tablets.

Astro LinkThe Astro Link leverages AHRS technology the company has developed for its certified offerings and adds the ADS-B receiver as justification for the $599 price tag. The box is a bit bigger than a deck of playing cards (4.3 by 3.2 by 1 inches) and contains all necessary antennas inside the case. It weighs less than a pound and comes with silicone bumpers to keep it from sliding off the glareshield. Connection to outboard apps is via Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth. It can support as many as six devices simultaneously.


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