Gnome Monosoupape 100 Rotary Engine

AirVenture must have 500 engines on display... real ones, mockups, and a few which are pure fantasy. Most are the same old thing in a different color.  However, here is one you do NOT see every day, a Gnome Monosoupape 100 rotary.

That's a rotary, not a radial; The crankshaft is fixed to the airframe, while the crankcase and cylinders whirl around with the propeller. Not cheap, but perfect for your trusty Sopwith, or with an Oberursel data plate, an early Fokker. They're available brand new from Classic Aero Machining Services of New Zealand.  For more information, visit

Cicadas of Oshkosh

There are many sights and sounds at a fly-in, but yesterday, while in my tent, I realized there was a background music I've never before noticed. It was the metallic "tink, tink, tink" of many hammers driving tiedown stakes. In Homebuilt Camping at Oshkosh, it can grow to the level of cicadas on a summer evening, as entire freshly-parked rows of beautiful birds are simultaneously staked to earth, captured against wind and storm, there to be admired until again released to fly.