RANS S-21 Outbound

RANS S-21 Outbound

The much anticipated RANS S-21 made its debut yesterday at Sun 'n Fun after being delayed by Tuesday's storm. The S-21 is a departure from RANS' standard practice in that it is all metal. The basic structure is a welded steel cage with an aluminum skin. Aluminum panels are attached to the cage and each other with pull rivets going into match-drilled holes. Continue reading "RANS S-21 Outbound"

CubCrafters' Duo

CubCrafters FX3

CubCrafters has a new pair of Experimental Super Cub-type planes available now. The EX-3 is a traditional build-it-yourself kit and the FX-3 is put together with factory assistance. These models build on the success of the EX-2, which is still available. The new -3 models feature a larger engine and constant speed prop. Continue reading "CubCrafters' Duo"

Glasair Aviation Retires the Glasair Model

Glasair Aviation is alive and well selling Sportsman kits and continuing with their popular two-weeks-to-taxi program, however the eponymous Glasair airplane is now officially retired. The last kit is sold, the molds are shot, so the end has come. The plane that invented "fast glass" is no more. They will continue to grace the skies for many years to come, but anyone who wants to build one will have to scour the resale market for kits or parts. Continue reading "Glasair Aviation Retires the Glasair Model"