AeroVonics AV-20 and AV-30 - Digital Displays in 2" and 3-1/8" Sizes

Aerovonics AV-20
AeroVonics AV-20

With a total of 12 functions, the AeroVonics AV-20 incorporates an array of capabilities packed into a single, 2-inch form-factor instrument.

The AV-20 provides standby attitude, probeless angle-of-attack, slip/skid, G-meter, clock, outside air temperature, bus voltage, dual user timers, engine-run timer, flight-timer, density altitude display, true airspeed and audio alerting. Its internal battery provides 30 minutes of automatic emergency full-function backup in the event of power loss. Continue reading "AeroVonics AV-20 and AV-30 - Digital Displays in 2" and 3-1/8" Sizes"

Designing the Perfect Paint Scheme Workshops at Sun 'n Fun 2019

F-1 Rocket. Paint scheme and photo by Scheme Designers.

During Sun 'n Fun 2019 Scheme Designers Owner and Chief Designer, Craig Barnett, will host three free workshops where participants can learn critical guidelines and best design practices for a variety of makes and models of aircraft, for owners and companies to use when designing their new aircraft livery and in choosing paint shops. Continue reading "Designing the Perfect Paint Scheme Workshops at Sun 'n Fun 2019"

AirCam Adds Third Seat

More power and a third seat.

For Sun 'n Fun 2019 AirCam has announced the "Gen-3" model of the twin-engine AirCam airframe.

New Gen-3 model airframes will have the option of incorporating a third seat located behind the second seat and a 220-pound gross weight increase from the current 1,680-pound max gross weight to 1,900 pounds. "The new jump seat will be quickly removable to convert between cargo and and third passenger," said Phil Lockwood. Continue reading "AirCam Adds Third Seat"