Frugal Reno Racing

George and Lori Ford with their RV-8 (43) and Alisha and Axel Alvarez with their RV-4 (87).

Okay, airplane racing is never cheap but Sport Class racers are generally on a budget, unlike their Unlimited brethren, so they look for ways to minimize their expenses. With the "Metal Mafia" (RVs) and some other Sport Class planes booted out of their previous hangar home due to new ownership, the pits are out in the blazing sun with no race-provided resources. But, the legendary RV-community spirit has risen to the occasion.

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Postcards from the World Championship Air Races in Reno

Reno security violation

As we stood along the rails today, a race security officer came along in a golf cart and, somewhat apologetically, told us that we couldn't have anything including hands on the cement barriers. We chuckled at the thought that they would ever manage to keep the thousands of spectators from putting their hands or drinks on the barriers.

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What's That English Flag Doing on a Retired U.S. Navy Aviator's RV-6?

Bob Mills' IO-540-equipped "SuperSix" sporting a Union Jack.

Isn't that Bob Mills' SuperSix over there? What's it doing with a British Union Jack on it? The red-blooded, former U.S. Navy Aviator, SWA pilot, and President of Reno Air Racing's Sport Class seems an unlikely candidate to fly the English colors. Was he conscribed into the British Navy during one of his frequent international trips? Did the Brits commandeer his IO-540-equipped RV-6 when he wasn't looking. A little investigative reporting quickly revealed that Bob has generously loaned the plane... to fly at Reno, no less--to a founder of the British Sport Air racing series, James Springer. Continue reading "What's That English Flag Doing on a Retired U.S. Navy Aviator's RV-6?"