Welcome to the Wisconsin State Fair

Have you ever held an event, perhaps for work, where a party is advertised for, say, three hours but everyone has left after two hours except that one lonely and annoying guy who just wants to hang with you because he has no one else to spend time with? And, you have to stay 'cause the announcement said the party wouldn't be over yet? Well, that's a bit how the kit vendors seem to feel about the last weekend of AirVenture. Continue reading "Welcome to the Wisconsin State Fair"

Engine Start!

One Week Wonder with wings and prop. The Van's crew immediately removed the wings after engine start and brought the plane back into its shop.

About 7 pm on Saturday, the Van's crew put the wings on and brought the One Week Wonder out onto the adjacent street for a successful engine start. A spontaneous crowd gathered around and applauded the effort while audible sighs of relieve were heard from the Van's folks. Continue reading "Engine Start!"

One Week Wonder - Day 6 - Engine Start!

There were more Van's employees (dark shirts) working on the project today than true volunteers. Dick Syracuse (left in back ground), Van's East Coast representative, Van (right in the back ground) himself, and Van VP for Engineering Rian Johnson helped out throughout the day.

When I walked in Saturday morning, it was clear that the Van's crew had reached a point that gave them confidence that the One Week Wonder project would achieve its goal of getting an RV-12iS built and ready to taxi in 6.5 days. Their core group of employees had worked into the wee hours of the morning to do the things they felt necessary to ensure success. Continue reading "One Week Wonder - Day 6 - Engine Start!"