Bearhawk Designer Bob Barrows Injured in Landing Crash

Image: Steve Craddock / WBTV News

Bob Barrows, who designed the Bearhawk line of Experimental aircraft, suffered a landing accident on approach to Holly Ridge/Topsail Island Airport (N21) on Monday. According to reports, Barrows clipped power lines on approach and the Bearhawk LSA impacted the turf runway in a strongly nose-down attitude. Continue reading "Bearhawk Designer Bob Barrows Injured in Landing Crash"

Levil Introduces Astro Link ADS-B In Module

Astro Link

At Sun 'n Fun this week, Levil Avionics debuted a new ADS-B In receiver to drive various tablet-based systems with no-cost weather and traffic. In addition to the dual-band receiver, the Astro Link has a built-in WAAS GPS receiver and full AHRS module for attitude information. This allows the Astro Link to provide valuable backup attitude data to connected tablets. Continue reading "Levil Introduces Astro Link ADS-B In Module"

NTSB Reviews Homebuilt Safety Record

The National Transportation Safety Board released findings this week indicating that pilot errors during Phase I flight testing and pilot transition into homebuilts are a prominent cause of accidents and incidents. According to the agency, the NTSB undertook this study because of the popularity of E-AB [Experimental/Amateur-Built] aircraft, concerns over their safety record, and the absence of a contemporary and definitive analysis of E-AB aircraft safety. The study employed several different methods and data collection procedures to carefully examine this segment of U.S. civil aviation. This comprehensive approach resulted in a detailed characterization of the current E-AB aircraft fleet, pilot population, and associated accidents.

Continue reading "NTSB Reviews Homebuilt Safety Record"

So, You Want to Work at Scaled?

Here's your chance. Scaled Composites, the famous Mojave, California-based aerospace pioneer, is hosting a career day on April 21, 2012. Scaled will "open its hangar doors to give job seekers of all backgrounds the chance to talk to our employees and see some of our unique aircraft. The Career Day and Open House will occur from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM; qualified applicants should come prepared to talk one-on-one with Scaled employees."

Scaled Composites is looking for qualified applicants in the following categories:

- Aerodynamicist
- Avionics Engineer
- Composite Fabricator
- Composite Structural Analyst
- Composites Design Engineer
- Data Analyst Engineer
- Electrical Engineer
- Manufacturing Engineer
- Materials and Process Engineer
- Mechanical Design Engineer
- Program Business Manager (PBM)
- Program Business Analyst (PBA)
- Domain/Software Administrator (IT)

Scaled asks that you RSVP by emailing the company with a resume attached, using the subject line, "Career Day."

Good luck!

Around the World Sling 4 Prototype Arrives In California, Halfway Home

Around-the-world pilots Jean d'Assonville (left) and James Pitman celebrate their arrival on American soil.

On Friday, September 2, a unique airplane touched down at the Torrance, California, airport. Its pilots, looking as you’d expect a pair who have been on the road since the first week of August, were less impressed by making California than surviving the high-traffic conditions in the corridor above Los Angeles International. Their nonchalance was well earned: They’d just arrived, after a fashion, from the airplane’s birthplace in Johannesburg, South Africa. Continue reading "Around the World Sling 4 Prototype Arrives In California, Halfway Home"