Experimental Maule?

experimental maule
Looks like a Maule, no?

One of the inherent pleasures of OSH are the little gems, rarities, and curiosities that one can stumble upon. One of those present this year is an apparent "Maule" parked in homebuilt camping like an Asian bike at Sturgis.

Closer inspection shows that the airplane is no carpetbagger as it has the requisite EXPERIMENTAL markings. Continue reading "Experimental Maule?"

A Legend Passes

Monty Barrett

Of the half a million or so aviation fanatics who will pass through the gates of Oshkosh in a couple of weeks, there are perhaps a mere couple of dozen who have reached the level of "household names", not just to the aero masses, but more impressively still, in renown and respect from their fellow household names in the greater aviation community. Our world just lost one of those giants.

Burton Montgomery "Monty" Barrett, founder of Barrett Precision Engines of Tulsa Oklahoma, passed away on July 6. On his last days, he had been working on his Pitts Model 12 aircraft. Continue reading "A Legend Passes"