New 912iS Engine from Rotax

Rotax has added a new engine to its line of popular four-cylinder, four-stroke aircraft engines: the 912iS. The new engine represents somewhat of a technological leap for aircraft powerplants in that it features port fuel injection and an electronic engine management unit. Company officials rolled out the new engine at BRP/Rotax's company headquarters in Gunskirchen, Austria, on March 8. The launch customer, among several, for the new engine will be Pipistrel Aircraft, of Slovenia, an LSA and soon-to-be manufacturer of certified aircraft. Rotax clearly intends the 912iS to be a “green” engine with improved fuel economy and lower emissions as some of its design goals. Continue reading "New 912iS Engine from Rotax"

AVweb video: New IO-360 from Continental

While the industry awaits an unleaded replacement for 100LL, Continental has moved rapidly forward to certify a new version of its six-cylinder IO-360 that will run on lower octane fuel. At AOPA's Summit in Hartford, Connecticut, the company's CEO Rhett Ross told us the new engine will be used in the four-place C4 announced by Flight Design earlier this year. The engine's designation is IO-360-AF for alternative fuel and it's intended to operate on fuels such as 94UL with sufficient detonation margin. The IO-360, which is used in the Cirrus SR20, normally has an output of 210HP, but for the AF variant, Continental has essentially de-rated it to 180 HP by installing lower-compression pistons (7.5 to 1) and with minor tweaks to the fuel injection system. The version we were shown, which represents a new type certification for Continental, has conventional magnetos, but it might eventually use Continental's PowerLink FADEC system. Continue reading "AVweb video: New IO-360 from Continental"