David Otero's RV-7 "Segundo Viento"

My RV-7 project started on January 5th, 2014. As with most airplane kits, it started with the empennage kit. From the moment I opened the first crate, I knew this would be a plane that I would complete and fly. One week shy of two years came the first flight. Continue reading "David Otero's RV-7 "Segundo Viento""

Cobb Mini-500 Bravo Plus

It took Bryan Cobb three years to assemble this helicopter while working a full-time job. It is equipped with all factory updates and the PEP tuned exhaust (78 HP). The Mini-500 started life as a new-in-the-crate kit, purchased on eBay in February 2013. Another old barn-find Mini-500 was also purchased on eBay from which to cannibalize all of the mast support and other items. A second-hand Rotax 582 bluehead was purchased off of a flying airplane (Rans S-14). Bryan has been a Mini-500 enthusiast since the early 90's and flew one for 100 hours in the late 90's.

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Alperin Sportsman

I completed construction of the Glasair Sportsman on November 1, 2016 in the Two Week to Taxi program at Glasair Aviation and received the airworthiness certificate the next day. The plane remained at Glasair Aviation and had the required 40 hours of test flying completed and was then sent to the paint shop. The finishing touches and final preparation were done by the Glasair technicians and the plane was once again test flown and made ready for our arrival last week to take delivery.

Scott Alperin (right) ready to depart on an adventure across the country with Robert Metelko.

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John R. Murphy's SubSonex

My JSX-2 SubSonex was completed in November 2015 after 22 months of building, and it is the 3rd customer-built SubSonex to fly. Sonex delivered the first seven kits in February 2015.

Many thanks to the Sonex crew; John, Mark, Kerry, Jason, Levi, and Jake for all the support. I am sure Jeremy Monnett would have been very proud to see these kits completed and flown. Continue reading "John R. Murphy's SubSonex"

Dan Palmer's Wittman Buttercup

This is my Steve Wittman-designed Buttercup built and flown at Moriarty, New Mexico. Earl Luce plans were used for the airframe. It is powered by a Corvair 2700 engine with William Wynne components, Dan Weseman 5th bearing, with a Warp Drive prop. I used Stewart Systems fabric through top-coat.

Dan Palmer, EAA 3065
Moriarty, New Mexico

Smokovitz Skybolt

After a 20+ year construction period my Skybolt earned its airworthiness certificate in September 2015. This project began as an itch for a biplane. After seeing my uncle's Gere sport in the 1933 Flying Manual, and seeing my cousin's Flybaby biplane, I decided I had to build a biplane too. The only real plans available back then were Skybolt plans, so I contacted Lamar Steen and sent him a check. Continue reading "Smokovitz Skybolt"