Trig's New Audio Panels

Trig TMA45 audio panel

With the exception of an aircraft that is unserviceable, there can't be many things as irritating or tiresome as poor quality audio. Edinburgh based Trig Avionics solves this problem with their new audio panels which start shipping in January. Continue reading "Trig's New Audio Panels"

Garmin GDL 52 all-in-one portable ADS-B and SiriusXM

Garmin GDL-52Garmin's all-in-one GDL 52 portable aviation receiver is now available, the company says. The GDL 52 is the first portable receiver capable of receiving Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) weather and dual-link, as well as SiriusXM Aviation weather1 and audio for display and control on select portables and mobile devices. It includes a built-in battery and provides GPS position data as well as back-up attitude information2 to compatible portable devices. Continue reading "Garmin GDL 52 all-in-one portable ADS-B and SiriusXM"

Sonex Holiday Tail Kit Specials End December 25


Sonex has Holiday Specials on Sonex-B, Waiex-B, Onex, Xenos-B and SubSonex Tail kits until December 25. Continue reading "Sonex Holiday Tail Kit Specials End December 25"

CleanParts Offers Rental Program, a division of Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. of Fond du Lac, WI designs and builds water-based parts cleaning equipment, and now the equipment is available for rent. Continue reading "CleanParts Offers Rental Program"

BINGO Fluid Detector for Fuel Management

Bingo Fuel Radiant-Belite

Radiant Technology LLC, also known as Belite Electronics, has introduced the BINGO Fluid Detector which instantly provides an indication of fluid presence or absence. It is ideal for use in aviation and in fluid process control as well. It is typically installed at the point in the tank where the pilot wants to be alerted. For instance, at one-quarter tank remaining. Continue reading "BINGO Fluid Detector for Fuel Management"

Van's 10,000 Flying Airplanes

Congratulations to David Porter, who recently reported the first flight of his RV-7 and became the official 10,000th Van's RV aircraft to transition from a collection of parts and take to the skies. We say "official" because there are certainly more than 10,000 flying, but we don't know about all of them. Many builders have taken to the air and, doubtless, the thrilling experience caused them to overlook alerting anyone at Van's. Continue reading "Van's 10,000 Flying Airplanes"