Superior Air Parts Engine Management 101 Available as Free Flip-Book

Superior Air Parts is making its popular book, "Engine Management 101" available as a free flip-book download.

"We were overwhelmed by the response we received to Engine Management 101 at our forums during Oshkosh. We handed out every one of the 700 copies we had available to forum attendees throughout the week." Continue reading "Superior Air Parts Engine Management 101 Available as Free Flip-Book"

406 ELT Tester From Creative Electronics

Creative Electronics announced the availability of an affordable and user-friendly tester for the 406 MHz COSPAS-SARSAT emergency locator beacons.

Unlike the limited self-test, this tester does a comprehensive test of the beacon and provides a pass or fail indication displaying not only the message content including the all important HEX IDENTIFICATION CODE, but also the results of the actual measurements and if any discrepancies, a list of them. Continue reading "406 ELT Tester From Creative Electronics"

Trig Avionics' New TY96A and TY97A Radios

The TY96A and TY97A radios are a superb slimline 760 channel VHF radios with 25kHz spacing. They are packed with the same pilot friendly features as the TY96 and TY97 and are ideal for pilots flying outside 8.33kHz mandated airspace. Continue reading "Trig Avionics' New TY96A and TY97A Radios"

Shaw Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems 20% Off During AirVenture

AEROX Portable Oxygen System, 1 User 'A' System 6 Cu Ft

Shaw Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems is offering a promotion of 20% off list price for all Aerox portable oxygen systems.  Included in the price will be one oximeter and one seatback carrying pouch during the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 24 - 30, 2017. Continue reading "Shaw Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems 20% Off During AirVenture"

Belite Introduces Safety Enhancing Fuel / Water Discriminator

Belite RADIANT Technology released a new product that enhances safety by alerting the pilot to fuel exhaustion or water contamination.

The new RADIANT Fuel / Water Discriminator will instantly tell the pilot or vehicle operator if the fuel line is empty or if liquid water is detected in the fuel line. This innovative product is based on patent pending technology and is installed in the fuel line. It increases pilot safety by alerting a pilot to switch tanks in the event of fuel exhaustion on one tank and also provides a positive and immediate indication if liquid water is present in the fuel line. Continue reading "Belite Introduces Safety Enhancing Fuel / Water Discriminator"

Belite Chipper Faster with Increased Useful Load

The performance numbers for Chipper, the experimental two place airplane kit from Belite Aircraft, have been updated, providing large gains in airspeed, climb rate, and range over previously released figures. Chipper is also benefiting from a gross weight increase. Continue reading "Belite Chipper Faster with Increased Useful Load"