New Liquid Level Computer Display offers more information for Belite Fuel Probe System

New Liquid Level Computer Display
New Liquid Level Computer Display

Belite is providing an enhanced solution for pilots seeking real time display of fuel or liquid levels in their experimental aircraft.

The Liquid Level Computer Display (L2CD) unit simultaneously shows liquid (fuel) level in gallons and also in pounds. It also shows calculated liquid (fuel) flow rate without requiring a fuel flow sensor.

For industrial applications, the user may select from a variety of fluid types so that variances in specific gravity will still provide accurate flow and level information.*

The L2CD is designed to be a companion unit to Belite's Liquid Level (Fuel) Probe, extracting and displaying more information (real time volume, weight and flow rate) and allowing the easy change of fluid types and gravimetric densities within the tank without requiring recalibration of the probe. The unit is not TSO'd or PMA'd. Use only in appropriate aircraft as a backup to certified instruments and pilot calculations.

Liquid Level (Fuel) Probe
Liquid Level (Fuel) Probe

The new unit is designed for installation in any standard 2.25" instrument cutout.  First units scheduled to ship in February, 2015.

The L2CD sells for $399.95 and the accompanying Belite Liquid Probe is $199.95.  Click here to pre-purchase the L2CD or Liquid Probe online. The Liquid Level Fuel Probe is available for immediate delivery.

  • High visibility LCD Display with backlighting and external dimming.
  • Provides a rich amount of real time liquid level data.
  • Lightweight - less than 2 ounces.
  • Low power - about 10 milliamperes (exclusive of backlight power).
  • Operating temperature of -20 to +50C.
  • Compatible with 9 to 14 volts input power.
  • Displays Gallons / Pounds / Flow Rate of any type of liquid.
  • Supports two independent probes which may show data from separate tanks or which may average data from one tank.

Liquid Level Computer Specs

Liquid Level Probe Specs

*Designed only for use in experimental aircraft applications.

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Garmin's New Datalink Weather Receivers

Garmin announced its new GDL 69 and GDL 69A SXM datalink receivers.

These new datalink receivers offer access to new weather service packages with lower activation fees, which are made available by SiriusXM and their latest G4 satellite network. The GDL 69A SXM receiver provides both pilots and passengers with SiriusXM Satellite Radio audio in addition to new weather service packages.



iPhone SXM Control
iPhone SXM Control

The GDL 69 and GDL 69A SXM receiver adds to Garmin’s large lineup of datalink weather receivers that offer pilots access to SiriusXM aviation weather information both on the ground and in the air. When paired with a compatible display and/or the Flight Stream 110/Flight Stream 210 and a compatible mobile device using the Garmin Pilot application, SiriusXM aviation weather information delivers seamless coverage throughout the continental United States and portions of Canada and Puerto Rico, while providing pilots access to additional weather products. The base service now includes weather products such as lightning, (including cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground activity), graphical winds aloft, temperatures aloft, AIRMETs and SIGMETs. In addition to providing detailed weather information, the audio-enabled GDL 69A SXM receiver provides SiriusXM Satellite Radio entertainment in the cockpit.


The new GDL 69 and GDL 69A SXM receivers use the same antenna, offers pin-for-pin compatibility and slides into an existing GDL 69 rack. With similarities in weight and electrical load, the GDL 69 and GDL 69A SXM receivers are designed as a direct replacement for existing installations.

Currently, the GDL 69 and GDL 69A SXM receivers are compatible with the following displays:

  • GTN 750/650 Series
  • GNS 400W/500W Series
  • GNS 400/500 Series
  • G500/G600/G500H
  • G1000
  • G950
  • G900X
  • GMX 200
  • MX 20

The GDL 69 and GDL 69A SXM receivers are expected to be available in April 2015 for a list price starting at $3,875, while the helicopter versions are expected to become available later in the second quarter of 2015. Visit aviation or contact a Garmin dealer for more information. Visit for subscription information or to learn more about the latest packages available from SiriusXM.

SiriusXM Page
SiriusXM Page

SoneraiWorks LLC is Now the Supplier of Plans and Model-Specific Parts for the Sonerai Series of Sport Aircraft

sonerai-n99fkSoneraiWorks LLC announces that effective October 5, 2014, it has purchased the rights to sell the plans and model-specific parts for the Sonerai series of sport aircraft from Great Plains Aircraft Supply.

The Sonerai series consists of six distinct airplanes that were designed in the 1970’s and 1980’s by EAA Hall of Famer John Monnett. They are the Sonerai I single-place mid-wing with conventional (tailwheel) landing gear, the Sonerai II Original two-place mid-wing with conventional gear, the Sonerai IIL two-place low-wing with conventional gear, the Sonerai IILT two-place low-wing with tricycle gear, the Sonerai IILS Stretch two-place low-wing with conventional gear, and the Sonerai IILTS Stretch low-wing with tricycle gear. All of the airplanes are designed to be powered with VW air-cooled engines converted for aircraft use.

SoneraiWorks LLC is owned by Fred Keip. Fred is a long-time owner, builder, and pilot of a Sonerai IIL. He was the editor and publisher of the Sonerai Newsletter from 1996 thru 2010, and has provided technical support for Sonerai builders for more than 28 years (Fred has been an EAA Technical Counselor since 1987).

SoneraiWorks LLC is located at 11428 West Hwy G, Franksville, WI 53126, and can be contacted by phone at 414-581-1442, email at, or on the web at

Up to $40 in Rebates for Belite Instruments

Purchase a Belite Instrument Between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31 and Receive Your Rebate

belite logoPurchase a Belite Instrument between December 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014, and receive the following rebates on your purchase:

$10 rebate: Above Ground Level Altimeter (AGL-010, 020), Volt Mini Meter (VMM-041), Inclinometer (INC-010, 020, 030), G Meter (GHD-010, 020) Universal Fuel Gauge, single display (UFGA-021), Fuel Gauge (FGA-021, FGA-012, FGA-022)

$15 rebate: Air Speed Indicator (ASI-012, 022, 023), Portable Instruments (AGL-030, VSI-030, TRI-030, GHD-030), Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI-010, 020), Universal Fuel Gauge, dual display (UFGA-022)

$25 rebate: Dual Instruments (ASIVSI-012, ASIVSI-022, ASIVSI-023, ASIAGL-012, ASIAGL-022, VSIAGL-010, VSIAGL-020, Turn Coordinator (TCC-020, TCC-030), Fuel Probe System (FPS-010), CHT/EGT Gauge (CET-010, CHT-010, EGT-010, CET-020, CHT-020, EGT-020), Digital LCD Altimeter/Vertical Speed Indicator (DALT-020)
$40 rebate: Angle of Attack (AOA-021, AOA-022, AOA-023, AOA-024)

Download mail-in rebate form.

belite panel

Aircraft Spruce Acquires Aviation Book Co.

aviaitonbook-collage2Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., a leading supplier of aircraft parts, avionics, and pilot supplies has announced that they recently acquired Aviation Book Co.

Based in Seattle, WA, Aviation Book Co. has been a distributor of aviation books, training materials, and aviation gifts for over 30 years. Aircraft Spruce president Jim Irwin said: "Aviation Book Company has been a well respected supplier to the general aviation community for decades, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to offer their products. We wish Nancy Griffith all the best in her retirement". Aircraft Spruce, with warehouses in California, Georgia, and Canada provides same day shipment to customers worldwide.

For more information contact Aircraft Spruce at:

Phone: 1-877-4SPRUCE

Pathfinder ADS-B Receivers Now Compatible with FlyQ EFB

pathfinderFlight Data Systems announced the FlyQ iPad app is now compatible with the Pathfinder and Pathfinder Remote ADS-B Receivers.

Compatible apps and devices include:

Advanced Flight Systems EFIS
Avare for Android
Avnav EFB for Android
Ekneeboard for iPad
FlightPro for Android
FltPlan Go for iPad
FlyQ EFB for iPad
GRT Avionics EFIS
iFly GPS, Android and iOS
MGL Avionics EFIS
Naviator for Android
WingX Pro7 for iOS

For More information, visit