Bearhawk Aircraft Receives FAA Approval For Transition Training

Bearhawk Aircraft announced today receipt of the first FAA authorization for transition training in a four-place Bearhawk amateur-built airplane. Bearhawk builder, owner and certified flight instructor (CFI), Jared Yates of Hickory, North Carolina has received a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) from the FAA allowing him to provide flight instruction in his four-place Bearhawk. The LODA allows builders and owners of Bearhawk aircraft to hone their pilot skills through a structured transition training program.

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SAM Aircraft: Company is For Sale

samls850bisLachute, Quebec, Canada: Just a year and a half after first flight of the prototype SAM aircraft, President Thierry Zibi has put the company up for sale.

Why, after so much work – design, fixturing, successful flight test, certification, and orders – would that be a good time to sell the company? Zibi says, “I came to the realization that I love designing airplanes, but I am not so keen on running a production company.”

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Belite Aircraft Announces Canadian Distribution Agreement

ProCub Lite Fine Tuned for Canadian Market


Wichita, KS – August 11, 2014 – Belite Aircraft announces that Melody Aircraft, of Alberta, Canada, will exclusively distribute Belite's aircraft and kits throughout Canada.


"In order to meet the needs of the Canadian market, we're upgrading our ProCub Lite model with a gross weight increase to 285KG (625 pounds), a larger 10 gallon fuel tank and a four stroke engine," said James Wiebe, CEO of Belite. "This upgraded ProCub Lite will provide a large dose of fuel efficient flying, and we're pleased to partner with Melody Aircraft on this venture."


Gary Steadman, CEO of Melody, continued: "The ProCub Lite provides a level of performance, utility and economy which has otherwise been unavailable to Canadian pilots. We're looking forward to receipt of our first demonstrator aircraft late this year.


Belite Enterprises was founded in 2009 by James and Kathy Wiebe. It designs and manufactures FAR Part 103 ultralights and a line of lightweight avionics. It has recently introduced the ProCub Lite with a unique carbon fiber/foam/aluminum construction. Aircraft are sold as ready to fly or as kits.

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Kathy Wiebe
Belite Enterprises LLC

Van’s recognizes new Southern Service Center

Van’s Aircraft has recognized US Sport Planes of Denton, Texas to provide Factory Authorized service for the popular RV12 SLSA Light Sport aircraft. Servicing most the major LSA aircraft, US Sport Planes has been a Rotax Service Center for several years and have over 20 A&P mechanics on staff. “We received good comments from our customers about US Aviation. We are pleased to have them assist our customers in the central US.” Scott Risan, President and GM of Van’s Aircraft commented.
RV12 owners can expect routine services such as oil changes, conditional inspections and major structural repairs, and US Sport Planes avionics shop is also a Dynon installation and service center.

“This is a natural flow for us as we service the bigger RV’s already, and have a depth of knowledge of the LSA world. We are fortunate to assist RV owners and we strive to make it very convenient to have reliable work performed.” Reported Scott Severen, Director of Business Development at US Aviation. Denton Airport is just north of Dallas Ft Worth.
Van's Aircraft is one of the largest kit aircraft manufacturers in the world with more than 8,500 airplanes completed.
US Aviation provides Everything Light Sport, along with Single, Multi Engine, and turboprop maintenance, is an FAA 145 Repair Station U9FR750K, and a Light Sport Friendly Full Service FBO that offers exceptional amenities at Denton Airport, Denton, Texas, KDTO. For more information on Van’s Aircraft services, contact Scott Severen at US Aviation, 940-297-6446 or visit



Bearhawk LSA Kit Completes Its Maiden Flight to Oshko

AUSTIN, TEXAS, AUGUST 12, 2014 - Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the maiden flight of the first kit-built Bearhawk LSA aircraft. The Bearhawk LSA made its debut at AirVenture 2012 as a prototype constructed by its designer Bob Barrows. The Bearhawk LSA, available as a quick-build kit, is manufactured by Bearhawk Aircraft of Austin, Texas.

Bearhawk Aircraft owner Mark Goldberg completed the first Bearhawk LSA quick-build kit. "Bearhawk Aircraft is excited to announce the maiden flight of the first Bearhawk LSA to be built from a quick-build kit," stated Goldberg. He continued, "The completed aircraft, N514AK, was present at AirVenture-Oshkosh, on display in Bearhawk Aircraft booth. Visitors were welcomed to view the plane and it was readily identified by its bright red and silver Oratex covering."

The Bearhawk LSA completed the journey from Texas to Oshkosh in 9.7 hours of flight time. Cruise speeds during the flight varied from 98 miles per hour (MPH) burning 4.5 gallons per hour (GPH) to 118 MPH using 6 GPH. Empty weight of this aircraft is 818 pounds, allowing for a useful load of 322 pounds with a full 30-gallon tank of fuel. The airplane is designed for a maximum weight of 1500 pounds (with utility category strength), an additional margin for the aircraft's certified 1320-pound LSA limit.

The Bearhawk LSA sports a 105-horsepower Continental O-200 engine completed by Bob Barrows. It includes a full electrical system. Barrows's prototype Bearhawk LSA was also present on the grounds and participated in the Valdez STOL contest. In Monday's event, Barrows, in his Bearhawk LSA, performed a takeoff roll of 94 feet and a landing roll of 140 feet.

The Bearhawk LSA lets current, and future, Sport Pilots join in the pleasures of the Bearhawk clan. With its similar look and feel, the Bearhawk LSA is a clean-sheet design with an all-new airfoil, developed by Harry Riblett. Construction is similar to other Bearhawk aircraft, with fuselage and tail surfaces of welded 4130 chromoly frames covered in fabric. The all aluminum, flush riveted wings are supported by a single left- and right-hand strut.

Bearhawk Aircraft manufactures high-quality quick-build aircraft kits for the 4-Place Bearhawk, Bearhawk Patrol (2-place) and Bearhawk LSA (tandem). Designed by engineer Bob Barrows, the Bearhawk designs have in common excellent performance and superb flying characteristics. Bearhawks are known for their short field capability, higher than expected cruise speeds, and very gentle slow speed manners. For utility and recreational use, Bearhawk aircraft are flown by customers around the world.

For more information on Bearhawk Aircraft, visit, or contact Bearhawk at or 1-877-528-4776.

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