Superior XP360 Engine new factory option on Safari 400 helicopter kit

SUPERIOR XP-360 ENGINECoppell, TX, November 04, 2014 — Scott Hayes, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that Safari Helicopters has selected its 180-horsepower XP-360 Engine as an option for its Safari 400, two-place, kit helicopter.

“Safari has become the premier name in the kit-built, personal helicopter market and to have them to make our XP-360 Engine a factory option for the Safari 400 is a point of great pride for everyone at Superior,” Hayes stated. “We look forward to our XP-360 Engines providing Safari builders around the world with years of pure flying enjoyment.”

“Safari Helicopters have always been powered by very dependable aircraft engines. In fact, a number of our builders have opted to use the Superior engines for a long time,” stated Megan Wright, Sales and Marketing Manager, Safari Helicopter. “Now with Superior’s strong re-entry into the experimental engine market they are now providing us with an attractive and economical 180-horsepower engine option for the Safari 400’s complete build kit.”

“With the proven history, power and reliability to compete with other available engines, combined with the added benefits of aggressive pricing and excellent customer support, we are extremely pleased to offer Superior’s engines to our customers,” she said.

Women in Aviation, International 2015 Scholarships Now Number 100

WAI is excited to announce that the scholarships for 2015 now number 100 with the combined value of $570,940. This is the largest number of scholarships and value since the inception of WAI's scholarship program. These scholarships will be awarded during WAI's 26th Annual International Conference in Dallas, Texas, held in 2015 from March 5-7 at the Hilton Anatole.


"If you were to look at the roster of these 100 scholarships, you would see the diversity included," says WAI President Dr. Peggy Chabrian. "We have a variety of donors from individuals to multi-national corporations; from flight or engineering to management or maintenance and more. We have a wide range of values as well as a mixture of purposes-from ultra-practical typeratings to a scholarship to pursue any aviation dream."


There is still time to apply for these 2015 scholarships, including 11 all-new scholarships for 2015. The deadline for applications is a postmark of Monday, November 17, 2014. The only universal qualification is that you must be a current WAI member to apply.


"When we started disbursing scholarships in 1995 we awarded $1,000 with funds raised by WAI members. In 1996 Northwest Airlines provided our first large scholarship which was a type rating. We owe them a big thanks for this initial offering which launched our scholarship program and their support of WAI over the years," adds Dr. Peggy Chabrian. "Now we can offer financial support to career pilots, students, dispatchers, maintenance personnel, flight attendants, engineers and people who fly for fun."


Complete details on all scholarships as well as an application form and guidelines are available at


"The important thing to remember about WAI scholarships is that they are not just for students," says Dr. Chabrian. "We have something to offer members at all stages of their careers. WAI scholarships change lives; we've seen that countless times."

First USA Sling Taildragger Sold!!!

We have some very exciting news to announce! After a wonderful trip to the Copperstate Fly-In, The Airplane Factory,
Inc. has sold its first U.S. based Sling Taildragger (Sling TD). This tailwheel version of the Sling 2 is the latest model
designed by Mike Blyth and The Airplane Factory team. The factory has received the order and has already begun the
production process. This beauty should arrive in the U.S. in about 6 months and we can't wait to have her join the Sling
family.It's been a great last few weeks for The Airplane Factory.  In addition to the recent sale of the taildragger, two
Ready-to-Fly Sling 4's will arrive in the U.S. by the start of 2015 and will be available to demo. Ready-to-Fly Sling LSA's
will be arriving every 2 months, with a few orders already placed, and 4 more kit builders have joined the Sling builders
A Sling TD takes off in South Africa
The Sling Taildragger means business!
Our kit builders are also making great progress on their airplanes.  Jean and Jordan recently drove down to visit Robby,
who's just about ready to mount his engine.  Jean spent the day with Robby and was very impressed with the fine job he
has done. Robby's Sling 2 is shaping out nicely and he should have her flying in the next few months. Here are some
pictures of the great work Robby's done:

If you live in Southern California, you've probably noticed the Sling flying its tail off.  Two flight schools in the Los

Angeles area are operating the Sling and have been putting over 100 hours on it every month. Enjoy this video of two

of Sling Flying Club's CFI's as they enjoy a fun flight in Sling N514NG.


Hope you all have an amazing week, and please stay tuned!  We will be headed to the 2015 U.S. Sport Aviation Expo

in Sebring, Florida and will have many more exciting announcements in the coming weeks.


    Blue Skies & Smooth Landings,

Matt Liknaitzky and Jordan Denitz

The Airplane Factory, Inc.  

Sonex is Hiring: Seeking Aircraft Sales Representative with Passion for Homebuilts


Sonex Aircraft, LLC is creating a new full-time position dedicated exclusively to sales of our entire Sonex and AeroConversions product lines! We are seeking an energetic, self-motivated sales professional with prior GA aircraft sales experience and a passion for homebuilt aircraft. This position is based at Sonex factory headquarters in Oshkosh, WI and will require some travel with Sonex factory prototype aircraft. Download the full Job Posting. Application materials may be sent to (no phone calls accepted).

Garmin Introduces New Cost-Effective ADS-B Solution for General Aviation

New GDL 84 Offers Comprehensive, Unobtrusive ADS-B Solution With Benefits of Traffic and Weather

Photo: Garmin
Photo: Garmin

OLATHE, Kan. /October 28, 2014/Business Wire — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced the GDL 84 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) datalink, which is the latest addition to Garmin’s comprehensive lineup of certified ADS-B solutions. The GDL 84 provides an all-inclusive, minimally intrusive solution for aircraft owners looking to satisfy the requirements of NextGen, while providing the benefits offered by ADS-B In without the need to significantly modify the panel of the aircraft or the need for a multifunction display. When the GDL 84 is paired with the Flight Stream Bluetooth® wireless gateway, pilots gain access to advanced traffic and subscription-free weather information for display within Garmin Pilot™ on a mobile device.

“We’ve made the decision simple and beneficial for pilots who are looking for a cost-effective way to   meet the requirements of ADS-B Out while receiving the benefits of ADS-B In, which does not require a significant avionics installation,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “Backed by our portfolio of ADS-B solutions, Garmin offers comprehensive options for each segment of general aviation. Pilots can depend on us to provide a complete, feature-rich solution, which meets the requirements of NexGen by December 31, 2019.”

Industry-First Dual-Link Solution for Certified Aircraft

The GDL 84 provides a rule-compliant ADS-B Out solution for aircraft operating below 18,000 feet in the U.S., while offering access to traffic information and subscription-free weather. Innovative dual-link capability allows the GDL 84 to receive on both the 978 MHz UAT and 1090 MHz frequency bands to provide the most comprehensive display of traffic information available in the industry.

All-In-One System

Installation is quick and easy because the GDL 84 is a straightforward solution that wirelessly transmits weather and traffic information via Flight Stream 110/210 to a mobile device, instead of an installed multifunction display in the cockpit. Additionally, for aircraft owners who do not already have a compatible WAAS GPS position source on board their aircraft, the GDL 84 offers a built-in WAAS GPS receiver. The GDL 84 is an all-inclusive solution, which meets regulatory requirements and gives pilots the added benefits without the cost associated with a large installation.

Preserve and Maintain Your Cockpit

Becoming rule-compliant and preserving the existing aircraft panel are important to many aircraft owners. Because of the versatility and wireless functionality of the GDL 84 and Flight Stream, the existing panel configuration remains intact. Garmin’s patented self-interrogation feature allows the GDL 84 to wirelessly communicate and interface with a wide range of general aviation transponders to synchronize squawk code and ident. This technology enables the ADS-B Out source to broadcast the same code as the transponder, eliminating the need to install an additional ADS-B control panel, which further simplifies installation and eases the burden of manually keeping two squawk codes in sync. The only panel modification required includes a single annunciator indicating ADS-B status.

Industry-Leading  Benefits

Pilots will be delighted with the benefits offered by the GDL 84. Garmin’s patent-pending TargetTrend™ relative motion technology helps pilots visualize the trend of traffic threats as they relate to their aircraft. TargetTrend provides an easy-to-interpret picture of aircraft trajectories, which helps pilots better predict potential conflicts. ADS-B-equipped surface targets are also displayed on Garmin SafeTaxi® airport diagrams, including taxiing aircraft and ground vehicles. Adding to the wireless versatility of Flight Stream, GPS location information derived from the GDL 84 and back-up attitude information from Flight Stream 210 combine to display position and attitude information within Garmin Pilot.

Trusted Leader in ADS-B

Garmin has a number of certified and portable solutions available for a variety of applications for general aviation, business and transport aircraft, which meet the requirements of NextGen. Garmin is committed to ensuring the transition to ADS-B is easy and that pilots get the most out of their upgrade. Additionally, Garmin’s ADS-B solutions are supported by our award-winning aviation product support team, which provides 24/7 worldwide technical and warranty support.

The GDL 84 is expected to receive the FAA’s Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certification (AML STC) in Q1 2015. The GDL 84 system with the Flight Stream 110 wireless gateway is expected to be available at that time starting at $3,995*. Customers may upgrade to a Flight Stream 210, which adds back-up attitude information for an additional $450. The GDL 84 is also designed to offer customers added flexibility to meet the needs of future avionics upgrades. While the GDL 84 does not offer interface to avionics displays, customers may upgrade the GDL 84 to display traffic and weather on select Garmin avionics, such as the GTN™ 650/750, GNS 430W/530W, G500/G600 and more, for $1,995. For additional information regarding ADS-B and Garmin’s solutions, visit Garmin’s ADS-B Academy at or contact a Garmin Authorized Dealer.

Garmin’s aviation business segment is a leading provider of solutions to OEM, aftermarket, military and government customers. Garmin’s portfolio includes navigation, communication, flight control, hazard avoidance, surveillance, and other products and services that are known for innovation, reliability, and value. For more information about Garmin’s full line of avionics, go to