Bring Your Learning to Fly Questions with You to AirVenture

Sporty’s CFIs Offering Free Daily Office Hours

It’s easy for non-pilots to be intimidated hanging out with their certificated buddies. At EAA AirVenture, with pilots who have flown everything with wings and logged thousands of hours, asking a basic question about learning to fly can be difficult. Sporty’s CFIs are making themselves available daily starting at 11:00 a.m. during AirVenture for “office hours” at the Sporty’s Tent to answer any question about learning to fly, choosing a flight school and making that first step toward becoming a licensed pilot.

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Jeppesen To Sponsor MyGoFlight’s iPad EFB Challenge Seminars & Contests

Jeppesen and MyGoFlight announced today that Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, has become a sponsor of the iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge Edition – a seminar/contest series designed to advance the use of iPads and other tablet devices in-flight by pilots. This seminar series builds on the iPad Takes Flight! seminar series given by MYGOFLIGHT, maker of premium iPad gear for pilots, to thousands of people over the past three years.

The goal is to help all pilots make a successful transition from a paper to paperless cockpit:
• Understand the gotchas, tips and tricks for using the iPad or other tablet in-flight
• Understand the capabilities that go beyond paper chart replacement
• Get more pilots to fly with an EFB to make flying easier, safer, less stressful and more fun
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Katrina Bradshaw Memorial BuildAPlane Center Opens at Flabob Airport


Build A Plane has joined with the Thomas Wathen Center in Riverside, California, to create a permanent facility that allows kids to build real airplanes. The Katrina Bradshaw Memorial BuildAPlane Center is outfitted as a complete A&P facility providing tooling and materials to build and restore aircraft.

Sixteen kids from around Los Angeles have signed up restore an early Stinson 108.

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Garmin® Team X Introduces New G3X™ Touch 7-Inch Touchscreen Display Option and Connext™ Cockpit Connectivity for Experimental Aircraft

Garmin International announced today a new 7-inch G3X Touch display option for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft. The new, high-resolution infrared touchscreen display compliments the existing 10.6-inch G3X Touch system, offering new panel design options and redundancy. All G3X Touch displays support Connext cockpit connectivity between avionics and mobile devices featuring wireless flight plan transfer capabilities and more.

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Sonex Introduces Sub-Kits


Sonex Aircraft, LLC has announced yet another option for building Sonex Aircraft: Sub-Kits for Sonex and Waiex airframe. These Sub-Kits are designed to give Sonex and Waiex builders more flexibility and options for constructing the already industry-leading Sonex Aircraft kit values.

Sub-Kits allow potential builders to get started with a minimal initial investment and gives them a great opportunity to see for themselves the level of detail and simplicity designed into Sonex Aircraft. Once this building path is selected, the builder may purchase the remaining individual Sub-Kits at their own pace as time and resources allow, and is a great way to amortize construction costs without the need for financing.

“Sonex has received requests for Sonex and Waiex Sub-Kit building options since we started offering a complete kit in 2001,” remarked Sonex Aircraft, LLC General Manager and CEO Jeremy Monnett. “Many customers expressed an interest in spreading their aircraft construction costs out over time, particularly as financing has become more challenging. These new Sub-Kits are designed to satisfy that demand by allowing customers to pay as they go. As Sonex has continued to expand, so has our ability to offer market-driven options like Sub-Kits. These options continue to fuel the strong growth of the Sonex Aircraft family of products, which unquestionably offer the Best Performance Per Dollar in the recreational aircraft market today. Sonex is pleased to see that, despite the challenging global economic landscape, potential aircraft builders are determined as-ever to pursue their dreams of flight.”

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