Ready for Paint!

With the first engine start and initial taxi testing out of the way (see and hear it below), the little jet is cocooned in the shop, awaiting the arrival of the paint master - John Stahr of Stahr Design, noted for airbrush work on aircraft large and small. And they don't come much smaller than the SubSonex! After months of back and forth design work, we've settled on a concept that we like and John is enthusiastic about. Paint jobs are always a matter of taste, and trying to please every eye is impossible - but if you look back at the airplane as you leave the hangar saying "I still like that" years later, you know you've hit the mark. Continue reading "Ready for Paint!"

Making Chips for a Purpose!

The plain DPDT toggle switch.

It's nice to have a milling machine, and even nicer to have a specific task for which it is well suited!

The flaps in the original Subsonex were manual, with a lever on the left side of the cockpit. A recent change added an electric option, and I went with that in my jet - which meant I needed a place for a flap switch. I managed to shoehorn a DPDT toggle switch into the only available space on the left side of the cockpit, but the old human factors and cockpit design engineer in me just wasn't happy with a simple toggle bat for an important switch. Continue reading "Making Chips for a Purpose!"

Dotting the I's, Crossing the T's...

I worked for the Federal Government for 34 years, and back in my college days, I spent two summers as a clerk in our state department of education, so I totally get what it means to be a civil servant when it comes to following the letter of the law, and the exact text of the regulations. So I have a lot of respect for the folks that work at the Civil Aviation Registry - the people in Oklahoma City that process, record, and issue aircraft registration documents. It's because of their careful adherence to the rules of documentation that we can have clear and traceable titles to our flying machines - and such care is hard to do quickly. So it is a good idea, when registering an airplane, to get started well before you need the paperwork. Continue reading "Dotting the I's, Crossing the T's..."