LeRoy Cook’s Tour: Tempting Tidbits

Calling all early adopters... Photo: Terrafugia.

I must confess to being torn between twin folding-wing temptations. Should I get on the Early Adopter list for the Terrafugia roadable airplane or the Icon A5 amphibious LSA? In the presence of the respective pitchmen, I can almost be persuaded. However, a third dilemma now presents itself in the form of a proposed flying trike-motorcycle, the Sampson Motors Switchblade. Only jaded Oshkosh temperament stiffens my resolve. If you prefer to carry your motorcycle rather than fly it, the folks at MotoPod have devised a belly pod for the Vans RV-10 that accommodates a modified 225cc Suzuki with the front wheel detached and handlebars folded. Approvals are being sought for certified aircraft. Continue reading "LeRoy Cook’s Tour: Tempting Tidbits"