FAA Privatization plan dropped from House bill

ATC privatization has been removed from an FAA reauthorization bill in the House of Representatives, scoring a victory for general aviation against a powerful, well-financed lobby that sought to give control of the national air traffic system to the country's largest airlines. Continue reading "FAA Privatization plan dropped from House bill"

Kitplanes Flies Cubcrafters EX-3

CubCrafters FX-3

Cubcrafters, the Yakima-based creator of the Carbon Cub and a variety of experimental Cub kits, has recently introduced their beefy -3 model--available as the FX-3 (factory assisted build) or the EX-3 (homebuilt kit).

Featuring an airframe several hundred pounds lighter than a traditional Super Cub, but with 180 or 186 HP and a constant speed prop, this is the high-performance airplane in their line-up, and its Experimental! The EX/FX-3 has an increased gross weight of 2000 lb, which coupled to the low empty weight makes for a tremendous useful load. Continue reading "Kitplanes Flies Cubcrafters EX-3"

Sport Expo: Building Airplanes Is Getting Easier

paul bertorelli builds zenith airplane part

Last week, just as I was girding to launch into the savage hinterlands of central Florida where Sebring is situated, I got a note from Sebastien Heintz, of Zenith Aircraft. At the Sport Aviation Expo, he wanted me to build a rudder from one of the company's new match-hole kits because he wished to make a point that might not be obvious.  Continue reading "Sport Expo: Building Airplanes Is Getting Easier"

Windy at Sebring

Sebring EXPO

The Light Sport Expo in Sebring Florida is in full swing for the 3rd day. Lots of vendors and foot traffic as well. Unfortunately, the winds are howling today and have curtailed the flying activities. Tomorrow looks more promising, and of course it is Florida in the winter time so a fly out on a Saturday is a big hit!

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The US Sport Aviation Expo is Underway!

Sebring 2018 ramp. Photo: Chuck Preston.

Sebring, Florida, is the home of the annual US Sport Aviation Expo, and our representative on the field sent us this picture this picture of beautiful weather and lots of vendors just waiting for those who want to drop in, enjoy some aviation, and maybe shop for that new kit. If you've been waiting to see and touch a particular kit, engine, or avionics box up close, this is your chance - there are plenty of companies who have brought their displays to central Florida for the event, which ends Saturday.
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Sportsman, Glasair, and GlaStar builders get new website

The Glasair Aircraft Owners Association (GAOA) has launched a brand new website and forum designed for everyone interested in the GlaStar, Sportsman, and Glasair aircraft: glasair-owners.com. Continue reading "Sportsman, Glasair, and GlaStar builders get new website"