Miller Electric Prize Drawing

Millermatic 211 Auto-Set MIG welder.

As part of its new “Connect With Miller and Win” campaign, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. will be giving away a welding (or plasma cutting) prize package worth over $2700 to a lucky grand prize winner. The Grand Prize welding or plasma cutting package includes the choice of a Millermatic 211 Auto-Set MIG welder, a Diversion 165 TIG welder or a Spectrum 375 X-TREME plasma cutter. The grand prize winner will also receive an ArcStation welding workbench, a Performance Series auto-darkening welding helmet, an Arc Armor combo welding jacket, a pair of MIG, TIG and Metalworker gloves and an iPod Touch. Three additional winners will be selected to receive an iPod Touch. The sign-up period for the drawing runs from February 1-28. Continue reading "Miller Electric Prize Drawing"

New ANR Headset from DRE

DRE's ANR DRE-6001 headset.

DRE Comunications offers popular active and passive noise attenuation headsets for fixed-wing and helicopter applications. Advances in technology now enable the company to deliver state-of-the-art active noise reduction (ANR) for about half of the traditional market value.

DRE’s top of the line is its new stereo ANR DRE-6001, with a noise-canceling electret microphone, pillow-top head pad, gel ear seals and gold-plated plugs, for $462.95. The company also makes a straightforward dual volume control passive noise reduction headset, the DRE-1001, priced at $130.95, and the full stereo passive DRE-4001 at $193.95. All headsets come with Mil-Spec cabling and a new-generation full flex microphone boom. Optional gel ear seals are available. A complete line of accessories is also available, and DRE warranties its products for three years.

For more information and a list of dealers worldwide, call 877/987-9977 or visit the company’s web site.

Two-Place Patrol Joins Bearhawk Kit Aircraft Lineup

AviPro Aircraft, Ltd. has announced the production of a two-place, tandem utility aircraft as an addition to its popular four-place Bearhawk quickbuild kit. The Bearhawk Patrol is a high-wing aircraft designed for comfort, endurance and fun.

The generous proportions of the cabin provide room for just about any size pilot, a passenger (or two, if they are small) and gear. The available visibility is outstanding both on the ground and in the air, the company says, and the Patrol’s flight controls are light and responsive at cruise and slow speeds. Low landing speeds are enhanced by the use of the 18-foot span, manually operated flaps (up to 40°). Continue reading "Two-Place Patrol Joins Bearhawk Kit Aircraft Lineup"

Hummingbird Heli Kit Status Official

Vertical Aviation Technologies of Orlando, Florida is proud to announce that the company has recently received official FAA notice that the new Hummingbird 260L standard and quickbuild kits are eligible Experimental/Amateur-Built kits meeting the 51% rule. The standard Hummingbird kit has been eligible since 1993 and was recently re-evaluated, the company says. The quickbuild kit was developed two years ago to assist builders through the sheet-metal construction of the fuselage and tail cone, but the official designation was delayed by pending changes to the "major-portion" rule. Continue reading "Hummingbird Heli Kit Status Official"

MGL Avionics Extends Warranty to Three Years

MGL Avionics Odyssey EFIS

MGL Avionics, based on excellent reliability in the seven years it has been delivering electronic instruments, recently announced that its warranty protection for all instruments would be increased to three years. According to the company, this extension applies to new units purchased from the company, but will also be applied to devices already in users' hands.

This warranty extension is on top of a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like the product, says the company, return it in new condition (uninstalled) for a full refund within the first 30 days.

For more information, visit the company's website.

GlaStar Builder Wins KITPLANES Bose Headset Giveaway

The Bose Aviation X headset.

KITPLANES subscriber Tom Fleming couldn't be happier winning a Bose Aviation X headset. Really...

Tom Fleming from Lake Forest, California, won a Bose headset in the KITPLANES 24/7 Sweepstakes. By signing up for online access to, Tom put himself in contention to win either a Bose Aviation X headset or a Bendix/King AV8OR GPS. His GlaStar taildragger already well equipped, Tom chose the Bose.

Tom says, "I have used the Bose headsets for several years as a professional pilot (recently retired) and love them. Thanks again for the opportunity to participate and, by the way, you have a great magazine for us homebuilders. And I like the online version also."

Use them in good health, Tom.

For more information on the Bose headsets, visit the company's website.