Aircraft Sales and Parts Sells Powered Parachute, Canopy Divisions

Steel Breeze powered parachute.

Aircraft Sales and Parts Ltd., the manufacturer of the Summit and Steel Breeze powered parachutes (in addition to the Chinook Plus 2 and Beaver RX550 Plus), has announced that effective February 1, 2010, its PPC division will be sold to Summit Aerosports, Inc., in Yale, Michigan. New owner Ken Bricker is no stranger to powered parachutes, as he and his business partner have been longstanding dealers for the Summit. “We know that they will take excellent care of all existing customers and look forward to hearing from new prospective ones,” says Aircraft Sales and Parts. Continue reading "Aircraft Sales and Parts Sells Powered Parachute, Canopy Divisions"

Lancair Announces Simplified Pricing for Evolution

Lancair International announced today that it is changing the pricing strategy on its Evolution kit aircraft. Because both the turbine and piston aircraft are the same aft of the firewall, the company has settled on a single price for the firewall-aft portion of the kit. According to the company, your $495,000 for the Evolution firewall-aft kit buys "the airframe and systems as well as a Lancair engineered Garmin G900x panel including all the commonly ordered and expected options for an aircraft of this caliber. The G900x panel includes Synthetic Vision, Engine Monitoring, XM Weather, TruTrak autopilot, Secondary Electrical and Environmental Control touch screen, TCAD, and more." Continue reading "Lancair Announces Simplified Pricing for Evolution"

GRT Adds Lightning Detection to Horizon HX EFIS

GRT's Horizon HX EFIS.

GRT Avionics, a unit of Grand Rapids Technologies, Inc., has received approval for its Stormscope WX-500 software interface from L3 Communications - Avionics Systems. The interface is designed to integrate the Stormscope WX-500 with the Horizon HX electronic flight instrument system multi-function display.

“This interface brings real-time lightning detection to the Horizon HX-equipped cockpit,” says VP Todd Stehouwer. “It allows tactical avoidance of embedded thunderstorms and enhances the data link weather capability already in place.”

The Stormscope WX-500 input is added to the Horizon HX’s existing features, which include synthetic vision, ARINC-429 interface and FLIR input.

For more information, visit GRT Avionics.

Zenair Ships First Float Kits

Less than a year after announcing it would be returning its float production to North America, Zenair Ltd. has begun deliveries of its lightweight all-aluminum floats. Following the announcement at AirVenture 2009, design upgrades and production tooling took place last fall, including the preparation of new assembly drawings for floats sold as kits. Manufacturing of the amphibious floats started in November, with the first ready-to-assemble kit delivered in December. In early January 2010, Zenair delivered its first complete set of amphibious floats. Continue reading "Zenair Ships First Float Kits"

Wicks Announces “Happy Hour”

Wicks Aircraft Supply has created a “happy hour,” but not for selling drinks. Instead, the company is offering an opportunity for customers to take advantage of a discount. Anyone calling in an order on Thursday afternoons between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. (Central Time) will be eligible for a 10% discount on all discountable items including most aircraft construction materials, hardware, finishing materials and tools.

Wicks Aircraft Supply specializes in assisting homebuilders and aircraft restorers with a start-to-finish line of materials. Phone orders may be placed by calling 800/221-9425; overseas customers call 1-618/654-7447. An online catalog is available here.

PS Engineering Introduces Experimental-only PMA5000EX

PS Engineering's new PMA5000EX includes must-have features for Experimental aircraft plus an innovative new time-based alert mute designed specifically for installations with multiple audio alert inputs.

A new low-cost/high-content audio panel has been introduced by PS Engineering today. The PMA5000EX, priced at just $995, is positioned between the no-frills PMA4000 and the sophisticated PMA9000EX in the company's lineup. Without having to undertake TSO certification, PS Engineering was able to reduce the panel's cost and increase its feature set. Continue reading "PS Engineering Introduces Experimental-only PMA5000EX"