Hobart Introduces EZ-TIG 165i Welder

Hobart’s EZ-TIG 165i is heralded as the quickest and easiest AC/DC TIG welder to set up and use, the company says. Designed for first-time welders, this affordable TIG welder features a unique single-knob control to make welding steel, stainless and aluminum easier.

Features include a simple three-step interface: power up, select material and set thickness range, and it offers an infinitely adjustable amperage range of 10 to 165 amps (150 amps at 20% duty cycle), to weld 22-gauge to 3/16-inch material. Continue reading "Hobart Introduces EZ-TIG 165i Welder"

Continental Motors Holds Line on Pricing

Teledyne Continental Motors announced today that it would refrain from increasing prices for new and factory-overhauled engines in 2010, instead sticking to 2009 prices. According to the company, "TCM has been successful in improving many aspects of its factory operations. In cooperation with our valued employees and vendors, we have been able to lower cost and improve delivery. The company believes that these improvements can best be used to reinvest in technology advancements and in pricing certainty for our customers." Continue reading "Continental Motors Holds Line on Pricing"

New TECNAM LSA Ships to U.S.

The carbon fiber/metal TECNAM P2008 LSA debuted at the Friedrichshafen Air Show in April ’09, and the first one is now making its way to the U.S., having been shipped to Virginia Aviation in Richmond, the company says.

Carbon fiber is used in the fuselage, allowing for optimization of aerodynamic qualities and durability, the company says. The wing and tail are of metal construction. The wing is based on the well-known NACA 63A airfoil and through partial tapering is close to elliptical. Single-slot flaps extend along much of the wingspan, and a Frise aileron along with the tapered design provides a high roll rate. Continue reading "New TECNAM LSA Ships to U.S."

Canopy Covers that Stay Put

Fly-Away Covers offers form-fitting, lightweight travel canopy covers that are intended for short-term use and are great for day trips, cross-country excursions and fly-ins when space and weight are limited. They keep your windows clean, your cabin cool and the sun off of your cockpit, the company says. They are water repellent enough for a light mist or morning dew. Fly-Away covers also work well as a fitted dust cover when an airplane is hangared. Continue reading "Canopy Covers that Stay Put"

First Glasair Sportsman in China

Chinese national XueQiang Si is building a Sportsman 2+2 at Glasair’s Two Weeks To Taxi program and, upon completion, will fly it to China. XueQiang Si, who will base his plane in city of Laiwu, in Shandong province, said that his Sportsman will be the first Experimental category aircraft to fly in the People’s Republic of China.

“There is no homebuilt category in China yet,” XueQiang Si said. “I will fly it with an N number first.” Continue reading "First Glasair Sportsman in China"

UPDATED: FAA Publishes Special Airworthiness Bulletin on Zenith CH 601XL and CH 650 Models

UPDATE, Monday November 9, 2009: Zenith has published the Safety Alert for the CH 601XL and CH 650 aircraft.

On Saturday November 7, the FAA published a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin warning pilots and builders of CH601XL and CH650 aircraft to look for and adhere to a Zenith safety directive that should be published shortly. The FAA cited the inflight breakup record of this aircraft series, both as SLSA and Experimental/Amateur-Built models, in publishing the SAIB. The agency is recommending owners comply with the upcoming guidance before further flight. Continue reading "UPDATED: FAA Publishes Special Airworthiness Bulletin on Zenith CH 601XL and CH 650 Models"