Leaving Lakeland

Until next year, that is! Sun 'n Fun 2019 is in the bag, and while we in the media often tend to concentrate our coverage on new products, programs, and services, the truth is that the first major airshow of the year is really about re-connecting with our aviation friends - whether they be in a booth or camping in a tent beside their airplane. Sun 'n Fun is a sign that winter is ending, airplanes are coming out of hangars, and people are once again stretching their wings and exercising their engines. Continue reading "Leaving Lakeland"

Levil Introduces Astro Link ADS-B In Module

Astro Link

At Sun 'n Fun this week, Levil Avionics debuted a new ADS-B In receiver to drive various tablet-based systems with no-cost weather and traffic. In addition to the dual-band receiver, the Astro Link has a built-in WAAS GPS receiver and full AHRS module for attitude information. This allows the Astro Link to provide valuable backup attitude data to connected tablets. Continue reading "Levil Introduces Astro Link ADS-B In Module"

Southern Hospitality

It's so easy at a big show like Sun 'n Fun to forget to take a stamp back from the vendors, the displays, and the airshows, and just breath in the hospitality of the place. We took a walk through the vintage parking area one morning, and let the commercial aspects of the main show area wash from our minds as friendly folks sat on the front porch and enjoyed a cup of coffee as the sun chased away the dew lifting out of the grass across Lakeland Regional Airport. Continue reading "Southern Hospitality"

"Buccaneer One Two Victor, Caution Pink Turbulence..."

Beech Buccaneer

It's always fun to wander around the grounds first thing in the morning at a show like Sun 'n Fun - you just never know what you're going to find. For instance, this Lake Buccaneer tied down as the cornerstone of the Seaplane parking area seems to have attracted a following of like-minded flying waterfowl. While there has to be a story behind this pink display, we'll admit that we have no idea of what that might be - and while we probably could have asked, sometimes it is just fun to make one up... Continue reading ""Buccaneer One Two Victor, Caution Pink Turbulence...""