Caracas to Lakeland in a Long-EZ

Long-EZ builder and pilot Rudolfo Lucca.
Long-EZ builder and pilot Rudolfo Lucca.

If you ever begin to take your freedom to fly for granted, you should meet homebuilder and Long-EZ pilot Rudolfo Lucca. Rudy landed his beautiful Long-EZ on runway 9 at Sun 'n Fun on Monday to conclude an epic flight from his home in strife-ridden Caracas, Venezuela.  To make this journey, Rudy had to deal with no electricity or water at his home, almost unobtainable Avgas and a governmental bureaucracy bent on holding travelers hostage for crushing user fees.   But Rudy is a man on a mission. His goal, to fly to Sun' n Fun in the aircraft he constructed in his garage. Continue reading "Caracas to Lakeland in a Long-EZ"

Breakfast in a Cup

Secret Recipe for the BIAC. Photo smuggled from the Vintage Aircraft kitchen at great personal risk.
Secret Recipe for the BIAC. Photo smuggled from the Vintage Aircraft kitchen at great personal risk.

The best kept secret for breakfast on the Sun 'n Fun grounds is the southern delicious "Breakfast in a Cup" crafted and sold at the Vintage Aircraft Headquarters each morning from 7-11 am, or until they run out. This southern delicacy (also sold to discrete Yankees) consists of a melange of creamy grits, scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese and a dab of butter on top. Although perfectly seasoned, the chefs will allow the addition of salt and pepper, from petite paper pouches and, for our Cajun brothers, Tabasco hot sauce (more than three drops will bring a pot of cold water to a rolling boil). Continue reading "Breakfast in a Cup"

Designing the Perfect Paint Scheme Workshops at Sun 'n Fun 2019

F-1 Rocket. Paint scheme and photo by Scheme Designers.

During Sun 'n Fun 2019 Scheme Designers Owner and Chief Designer, Craig Barnett, will host three free workshops where participants can learn critical guidelines and best design practices for a variety of makes and models of aircraft, for owners and companies to use when designing their new aircraft livery and in choosing paint shops. Continue reading "Designing the Perfect Paint Scheme Workshops at Sun 'n Fun 2019"

IFR Into Sun 'n Fun

Andy Manila with his RV-8.
Andy Manila, now parked in Homebuilt Corners at Sun-N-Fun.

Monday is usually a busy adventure for the folks at Homebuilt Parking at Sun 'n Fun. Homebuilt drivers will descend on the field in large numbers to be on the field for opening day on Tuesday. This year, however, a huge blob of green radar returns stretched from Tampa to Jacksonville, blocking most pilots from the upper 47 states. While a good weather year would normally yield a healthy squadron of Monday arrivals, today only 9 rolled onto the field. Of those 9, eight came from south of Lakeland, where the weather was fairly clear.   The sole exception was Andrew Manila. Continue reading "IFR Into Sun 'n Fun"